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3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies, and sometimes that can be a challenge if we spend a lot of time on the go, we work out a lot, or if we're addicted to drinking anything BUT water (more coffee, anyone?). A water tracker bottle you can haul around with you all day is one way to make it easier to get your daily intake of water - and the right amount too! Sure, you could buy one, but since we're fans of DIYing things around here, we think you should make your own instead. All you need is a simple water bottle and Tulip Dimensional Paint; read on to check out our version, then get inspired to make yours!

What you need:

Tulip® Dimensional Paint Pack - desired color theme

- Plastic water bottle

- Word pattern printed in desired font

- Paper towels

- Tape

3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

First choose paint colors that will make you extra thirsty. Just kidding - just pick ones you love!

3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

Create a word pattern that's sized to fit your water bottle (not too big, not too small), then roll it enough to fit inside the bottle to use for tracing.

3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

Test your paints on a paper towel to get a feel for them before using on your bottle. To create a super fine tip for wording, try wrapping a piece of tape around the paint bottle tip in a cone shape, leaving a very small hole for the paint to travel through. This will funnel the paint flow into a more narrow line.

3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

Trace over the wording with Dimensional Paint. You can either move from top to bottom or bottom to top, which ever way you feel more comfortable. If you mess up, don't stress! You can easily wipe away the paint with a damp paper towel and start over while it is still wet. Once you've finished the wording, let the paint dry completely.

3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

Use the other paint colors to create fun squiggles between each set of words for tracking water levels. Let dry completely.

3D Paint Water Tracker Bottle

Once dry, your new water tracker bottle is ready to help keep you hydrated! It's important to note that while Tulip Paints are nontoxic, we recommend not applying any paint near the mouth of the bottle where you'll be drinking from. Hand wash only and air dry.

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