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Chic Shibori Sundress

Chic Shibori Sundress

Whether you’re taking a stroll in the park or hitting the beach with friends, you’ll be dressed to impress in a DIY shibori sundress! Covered in beautiful shades of blue, this chic shibori dress is so easy to make with the Tulip® Shibori Made Simple Tie-Dye Kit®.

  1. Wash dress and leave damp.
  2. If desired, before dyeing, soak dress in mixed soda ash solution as directed in package instructions.
  3. Wring out excess solution and lay dress out flat on covered work surface, smoothing out any wrinkles.
  4. Lay shibori tube across top of dress and roll dress onto tube.
  5. Secure dress on tube with string or rubber bands from kit. Scrunch dress randomly towards center of tube and apply more ties as desired.
  6. Mix Blue dye per instructions and apply to scrunched dress, rotating tube and randomly saturating the layers of fabric in different areas to create pattern.
  7. Cover project with surface cover or plastic wrap and allow to set for time suggested in package instructions or overnight.
  8. After dye has set for time recommended, unwrap dress and rinse thoroughly under running water to remove excess dye.
  9. Wash and dry dress separately according to fabric requirements.
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