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Colorful DIY Friendship Bracelets with Puff Paint

Colorful DIY Friendship Bracelets with Puff Paint

Express your artistic side and create meaningful mementos with Tulip! This simple tutorial will show you how to create DIY friendship bracelets with Puff Paint so that you can celebrate cherished friendships in a super special way. Grab your supplies, gather your friends, and get ready to create a personalized token of friendship with Puff Paint!

Supplies Needed:

Tulip Puff Paint



Plastic bag

Toothpick (optional)



Step 1 Prepare your materials

Prepare materials for DIY friendship bracelets with Puff Paint

Lay a plastic bag flat on your work surface. Measure twine to wrap around your wrist, leaving some space at both ends for tying your DIY friendship bracelets. Place tape to secure the twine onto the plastic bag.

Step 2 Apply Puff Paint

Apply Puff Paint to twine to make DIY friendship bracelets

Apply Puff Paint directly onto the twine to create unique DIY friendship bracelets! To create a marbled effect, lightly drag a toothpick across the Puff Paint to swirl the colors. Puff Paint can also be used to make 3D shapes like flowers, stars, or hearts. Try experimenting with different patterns and designs to customize your DIY friendship bracelets!

Step 3 Let dry and enjoy!

DIY friendship bracelets with Tulip Puff Paint

When you’re finished creating your DIY friendship bracelet designs, use scissors to cut the twine and allow the Puff Paint to dry flat for 4 hours or longer for thicker applications of paint. Once the paint has dried completely, remove the tape and carefully peel the DIY friendship bracelets from the plastic. Exchange your custom friendship bracelets with friends and enjoy!

Show us how you’re using Puff Paint for your DIY friendship bracelet designs and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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