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Fake Cake DIY Jewelry Box with Fluffy Paint

Fake Cake DIY Jewelry Box with Fluffy Paint

This sweet project will make you hungry for more crafts! Learn how to make a fake cake DIY jewelry box with the Tulip Serene Fluffy Paint Kit. These whipped paints dry permanent but stay super fluffy and flexible, so your dimensional designs won’t crack or crumble. Use the included applicator tips to pipe on the paint and decorate your jewelry box like a cute little cake!

What you need:

Tulip Serene Fluffy Paint Kit

Jewelry box

Artificial cherries

Paper towel

Prepare Fluffy Paints

Prepare Fluffy Paints

Get ready to play with this super fluffy paint! Screw an applicator tip onto the tube and squeeze to paint. Test and experiment with the amount of pressure applied for different paint outputs onto a paper towel.

Pipe Borders on Sides

Pipe Borders on Sides

Use Fluffy Paint to pipe a simple shell border onto the sides of your DIY jewelry box. This easy frosting technique is perfect for decorating a fake cake! To pipe a shell, hold the tube at a 45-degree angle, squeeze gently, release, and pull away. Repeat this pattern to create a border, starting each shell just past the tail of the previous shell.

Clean Applicator Tip When Switching Colors

Clean Applicator Tip When Switching Colors

If using multiple colors for your fake cake, be sure to clean the applicator tip with soap and water when switching between paints. This will prevent colors from muddying and clogging.

Pipe shell border on top of jewelry box

Pipe Borders on Top

Continue piping the paint onto the top of your DIY jewelry box using the shell technique. Your fake cake is almost finished!

Decorate fake cake jewelry box

Decorate As Desired

Customize your fake cake jewelry box to fit your taste! You can use Fluffy Paint to add more textured designs, embellish with faux sprinkles, or add an artificial cherry on top for an even sweeter finish. Fluffy Paint will also act as an adhesive for your embellishments!

Fake cake jewelry boxes with Fluffy Paint

Display Your Fake Cake!

Allow the paint to dry completely, then your fake cake DIY jewelry box is ready to display!

Will you be making your own fake cake DIY jewelry box? Show your Fluffy Paint creations and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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