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Ghoulish Glow Goblets

Picture of Ghoulish Glow Goblets

What good is a Halloween party without some eerie ambiance?! One easy way to add a little bit of ghoulish intrigue to your soiree table is with glow-in-the-dark goodness! These glow goblets from designer Kristen Thompson have me wanting to hang out by the drink table all night. Even better, they're super easy and super cheap to make. All you need is Tulip® Dimensional Glow Paint and some glass goblets from the dollar store and you have yourself a project that's good til the last drop! 

Ghoulish Glow Goblets

What you need:

Ghoulish Glow Goblets
Before starting your project, make sure the goblets are clean and dry. Starting just above the middle of the goblet, use Natural Glow to create a wavy line with various peaks around the glass. 
Ghoulish Glow Goblets
Continue adding Natural Glow from the wavy line down to the stem of glass.
Ghoulish Glow Goblets
Move your hand inside the goblet so you can add paint to the stem. Cover the stem with Gray Glow, blending into the Natural Glow at the base of the goblet with the tip of the paint bottle. Cover the base of the Goblet with Green Glow, blending into the Gray Glow on the stem. Let dry completely.
Ghoulish Glow Goblets
Time to party!
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