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How to Decorate a Backpack with Dazzling Glitter Paint

How to Decorate a Backpack with Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paint

Back to school might be looking a little different this year, but one thing is still the same: the need for a totally awesome backpack. PS. A lot of us are toting backpacks these days, not just students hauling around their school essentials. Some of us use them to comfortably carry our laptops and work supplies; others use them as diaper bags or traveling bags. Our point is, whatever reason you or your child is using a backpack for right now, you still need one that’s totally, awesomely you. In this tutorial, Mikyla Creates shows you how to decorate a backpack with Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paint for an easy way to add sparkling personality.

What you need:

- Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paint or Tulip Fabric Paint of choice

- Backpack

- Paintbrushes

- Paint palette or paper plate

- Towels (or something to stuff in bag while painting)

- Scratch paper

Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paints for decorating a backpack

Fabric paint is such an easy creative tool you can use to personalize and decorate a backpack! Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paints – and any Tulip Brush-On Paints or Dimensional Paints – dry permanent, flexible and washable on fabric. So they’re great for creating your own custom designs on a backpack!

Stuff backpack with towels for a stable paint surface

Before painting your backpack, stuff it with towels or whatever fabrics you have to help create a sturdy, but flexible painting surface.

Practice designs on a piece of scratch paper

Sometimes it helps to practice creating your designs on a piece of scratch paper before painting on your actual project. Practice with whatever designs you like, test colors, and get a feel for what you want to create when you decorate your backpack.

Paint designs onto backpack

Once you’re ready, paint your designs onto your backpack, alternating patterns and colors if desired. Let the designs dry and add another coat of Dazzling Glitter Paint to each if you’re craving some major sparkle.

Paint different designs on the front pocket

Feeling extra creative? Try changing up your designs with something different on the pocket of your backpack! Mikyla went with vertical stripes, but you can choose any kind of design you like. That’s part of the fun of decorating your own backpack!

Let the backpack dry completely

Once you’re happy with the look of your backpack, let it dry completely while laying flat. Then remove your towels and fill it with your stuff!

How to Decorate a Backpack with Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paint

Now you know how to decorate a backpack in fun, glittery style! And it was super easy, don’t you think? What designs will you create on your bag? Make sure to tag us on social and let us know!

DIY Glitter Paint Backpack

Whether you’re headed off to a study group, a road trip or errands around town, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind backpack that shines with your personality!

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