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Painted Denim Clothing Upcycle Idea

Painted Denim Clothing Upcycle Idea

Why buy new clothes when you can make something you already have new again, and be creative at the same time? We’re loving the personalized fashion trends we’ve been seeing lately; it’s such a fun way to dress up in styles that are totally you! This clothing upcycle idea from artist Steffi Lynn shows you just how easy it is to customize your denim with hand-painted designs using Tulip Color Products – without spending a fortune.

What you need:

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints – Wildflowers Pack or desired colors

Tulip Fabric Paint Markers

- Jeans or other clothing item

- Sketch paper and pencil (optional)

- Chalk pencil (optional)

Supplies to decorate your jeans
This clothing upcycle idea focuses on decorating the pockets of jeans, but you can use these same ideas and techniques on other areas of your jeans, or different clothing as well! You’ll need Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints and Tulip Fabric Paint Markers for this project. Fabric Paint Markers are more opaque than regular fabric markers, so your designs will really pop on your jeans!
Sketch out design ideas before painting jeans
Before getting started, make sure your jeans have been washed and dried without fabric softener. (Softener can prevent the paints and markers from properly bonding to the fabric.) Steffi Lynn recommends sketching out your designs first to see what you like before starting on your jeans. Decide which parts of your designs you’d like “flat” (Fabric Paint Markers) and which parts you want to be dimensional (Dimensional Paints).
Start with “flat designs” using Fabric Markers
Tip: If you’re not feeling confident about creating your designs on your jeans, you can use a chalk pencil to first sketch them onto the fabric. If you mess up, you can easily wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth and start over. When you are happy with your designs, you can trace over them with Fabric Paint Markers or Dimensional Paints. Start with the “flat” designs using your Fabric Paint Markers before creating your dimensional designs.
Use Dimensional Paints to add raised designs
Next use your Dimensional Paints to create dimension on your marker designs, and add any extra details that you like! Once you’re happy with your work, let your jeans dry flat until everything has completely dried. (Wait at least 72 hours before washing.)
Personalized Hand-Painted Denim
Now it’s time to show off your artistic skills with denim that pops with color and creativity! Wasn’t this an easy clothing upcycle idea? It’s a great way to make something new again, or even cover old stains or discoloring on clothing. What else are you thinking of personalizing with Tulip products? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share with us!
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