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Painted Floral Denim Jacket Tutorial

Tulip Painted Floral Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is one of those items of clothing we can pretty much wear year round (thank goodness)! From cool summer evenings to sunny autumn days, you can never go wrong when you add a denim jacket to your outfit. Mikyla Creates gave her simple jacket a makeover by painting on quote art and pretty florals using Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paints and Fabric Paintbrushes, and we love how it turned out! What a fun way to spread some extra cheer as you're standing in line at the store or leaving a restaurant. Check out Mikyla's painting tips and try updating your denim jacket with a design that inspires you!

What you need:

Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paints - desired colors

- Paintbrushes

- Denim jacket

- Quote art pattern

- Projector (optional) or scissors/chalk pencil

- Paint palette

Make sure jacket is clean and ironed smooth before starting

Before painting, make sure your jacket is clean and ironed smooth. If you don't have an actual paint palette, don't stress! A paper plate or even a piece of foil will work. You just want something you can pour and mix paints on.

Use can use a project to transfer design or cut and trace

To transfer her design onto the back of her jacket, Mikyla used a projector, but you can absolutely do this project without one. If you aren't using a projector, simply cut out your quote art + flowers design and use a chalk pencil to trace around them on your jacket. 

Use can use a project to transfer design or cut and trace

If you decide to use a projector, hang your jacket and you can use tacks to keep the fabric taught and smooth while you paint.

Brush paint onto quote art

Whether you've traced your design in chalk or you're using a projector, brush your desired color onto the quote art. Let dry and add another coat if needed.

Use this brush for mixing paint colors

Before painting your flowers, Mikyla recommends using this brush for mixing your paint colors.

Mix paints

First mix your paint! Mikyla made four shades of pink and two shades of green. For the pink she mixed in a little orange to give it a peachy shade. For the green she mixed in a little bit of brown for a more muted look.

Use this brush for tiny flowers

Use this brush from your pack to paint the tiny flowers.

Start with tiny flowers

Start with your tiny outer flowers and buds by making little dots and ovals in different shades of pink. Create them on either side of where your focal flower will go.

Paint center flower

Once you have your small surrounding flowers done, start on your larger center flower. Paint the petals in different shades to show dimension – darker in back, lighter in front. Use your darkest shade of pink for the center.

Paint center flower
Add strokes of light and dark to entire design

Go back over all of your flowers and add little strokes of white and dark pink. Mikyla's tip: don't stress too much about where you add these paint strokes - it just adds dimension and makes you look like a pro!

Use this brush from your pack to paint in the leaves

Use this brush from your pack to paint in the leaves.

Paint in the leaves

Paint two larger leaves on the right side of your main flower - dark in back, light in front. Then add little branches sticking out around your flower in various shades of green. Mikyla's tip: just paint one long line, with little lines extending off of it. Add shading to your leaves as desired.

Connect large flower with smaller flowers

Use your smallest brush to paint stems from your focal flower out to your tiny outer flowers.

Add small dots around design

Finish your flower design by adding small dots of paint all around the design. Mikyla's tip: it adds the illusion of extra detail. Try adding your dots in groups of three! Repeat these steps to create another floral design underneath your quote.

Let paint dry

When you've finished painting your design, let it dry completely before wearing.

Let paint dry

You'll always have a nice day when wearing such a cute painted denim jacket! Let your style bloom with creativity this year!

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