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Puffy Paint DIY Phone Cases

Puffy Paint DIY Phone Cases

Sometimes it’s fun to change up your phone case to match your style, mood or outfit. But why break the bank buying an expensive new phone case, when you can make your own. Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint is an awesome option for creating beautiful DIY phone case designs. One of the things I love most about using dimensional fabric paints for crafting new phone cases is that you can make mistakes and it doesn’t matter! If you make a mistake, wait until the paint is completely dry and then use a toothpick to help peel off the design mistake. Below are three great designs ideas using Dimensional Fabric Paint to help get your creativity flowing. 

puffy paint diy phone cases

What you need:

Outline butterfly in White Dimensional Fabric Paint on clear case

Butterfly Design

Start with a clear phone case.

Outline a butterfly design using white dimensional fabric paint. 

Create a Red Dimensional Fabric Paint outline inside the white line

In rainbow order, start with red on the far side of each wing and create a line of color from the top to bottom on the wing.

Create additional lines with Dimensional Fabric Paint

Add each additional color. As you add more colors, you can make your lines thicker or thinner, depending on how much room you have left.

Create petal shaped line with a toothpick

To create the petal design within each wing, use a toothpick and drag a petal- shaped line to the upper corner of the wing. 

Detail butterfly with Gold Metallic Dimensional Paint

Wiping off the toothpick each time, repeat the same shaped line over and over until the wing is filled.

Repeat the above two steps on each wing.

Add butterfly antennae and body dots with Gold Metallic Dimensional Paint.

Create Mandala design on white phone case

Start with a white phone case.

You can create one large mandala design or smaller mandala style designs.

Repeat Mandala designs to fill the case

I prefer smaller mandala designs because when you see them all together the design looks cleaner.

With a larger design, mistakes are easier to notice.

This type of design would also be beautiful on a colored phone case, using White Dimensional Fabric Paint for the design.

Create dots with different Dimensional Fabric Paint colors

Dotted Design

Choose a variety of dimensional fabric paint colors (I used 9 different colors). The variety of colors will help give the phone case more dimension.

Start with the first color at the top of the phone case and add both larger and small dots.

Repeat the dot pattern with another Dimensional Paint color

With the second color, try to mix in some of the colored dots within the pattern created by the first color.

Continue creating dots

Continue the steps above down with each color as you move to the bottom of the case.

Variety of Dimensional Fabric Paint decorated phone cases

I hope these designs have inspired you to make your own DIY phone cases.

You can even mix several of these design ideas together to create new designs.

Add dots as borders, create mandala designs around the butterfly or incorporate all three designs into one to make your own customized phone case.

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