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Spring Tabletop Dyed Table Runner

Spring Tabletop Dyed Table Runner

Your spring tabletop will be the center of attention with a custom table runner in enchanting shades of orchid. 


1. Wash runner and leave damp. Lay out flat on covered work surface and smooth out wrinkles.

2. Loosely pleat runner horizontally and secure lightly with rubber bands. Place pleated runner on pastry rack.

3. Mix dyes according to package instructions. Use extra bottles to mix light dilutions of each color. Test on scrap fabric, and add more dye or water as needed to create a light shade.

4. Apply full strength Violet along center of pleated runner. Apply diluted violet to blend.

5. Add diluted purple over violet. Add small accents of full-strength purple over that.

6. Cover runner and allow to set overnight or for time recommended in package instructions.

7. Rinse runner under running water to remove excess dye.

8. Wash and dry runner as recommended in package instructions.

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