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7 Things for Kids to Do Indoors this Winter

Things for Kids to Do Indoors this Winter

Winter is on the way (or already here depending on when you’re reading this), which means cold weather and more time hibernating inside. And if you’re looking for things for kids to do while stuck indoors, you’re definitely not alone! Since it’s the holiday season, we’ve put together a roundup of colorful themed crafts for kids to help them stay creative and inspired while on winter break. All of these ideas only require a few supplies, so they’re budget friendly but big on fun!  

Christmas Window Clings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Window clings are a fun thing for kids to do to show their holiday spirit, whether they tack them up on the fridge or a window facing outside for neighbors to enjoy as they pass by. You only need nontoxic Tulip Dimensional Paints and a clear sheet protector as a nonstick surface to make them. The kids can draw their favorite holiday designs or print designs from online to trace with paint and turn into clings. Such an easy craft with lots of Christmas spirit! 

Custom Painted Ornaments

Another thing for kids to do – since you already have Dimensional Paints for clings – is to make custom ornaments for your family’s tree! It’s a great way to add an extra personal touch to your décor, and kids will love seeing their colorful ornaments on display. The design options are as limited as their imaginations, so hand them some paint and see what they come up with! The ornaments will make keepsakes for years to come, and are also a great gift idea for their grandparents and other family members and friends.

Personalized Glitter Tumblers

We all get thirsty, so another thing for kids to do is decorate cups or tumblers with names or funny quotes from their favorite Christmas movies. It’s the perfect way for your family to sip on favorite holiday beverages and enjoy some merry & bright cheer! Let their creativity shine with glitter or metallic Dimensional Paints paired with tumblers in holly jolly colors. This craft also makes a fun gift idea; kids can decorate the tumblers and they can be stuffed with tea, hot cocoa or treats for friends and family.

DIY Reindeer Pillowcase

Looking for another thing for kids to do? Put some Tulip Fabric Markers in their hand and let them decorate their pillowcases! They’ll get to be the star of their own Christmas show every night when they head to bed for time in a winter wonder dreamland. They can freehand their designs, or place a pattern between the pillowcase and trace over the design, then color in. Tulip Fabric Markers are nontoxic and stay vibrant through machine washings, so your little one’s creativity will stay as bright as Rudolph’s nose this season.

DIY Snow Globe

Let it snow! This is one thing for kids to do that’s also a fantastic sensory item once the crafting part is done. Plus, who doesn’t love snow globes?! Upcycle baby food jars into glittery holiday goodness with Frosty the Snowman flair. But they don’t have to stick to a snowman snow globe. They can make Santa or his elves, reindeer and more. Customize the jars with Dimensional Paints, construction paper, cardstock or felt; it’s the perfect way to shake things up this winter!

Dimensional Paint Holiday Bracelets

Another thing for kids to do is create something they can wear. Making colorful, stackable bracelets is super easy with Dimensional Paints and ribbon. Much like the clings we talked about above, print out holiday-themed patterns, place the ribbons on top, then trace over them with Dimensional Paint. Once they’re dry, these bracelets will be ready to rock (around the Christmas tree)!

DIY Christmas Lights Shoes

Decorating shoes is one thing for kids to do that’ll put some pep in their step! They can easily bring an old pair of their shoes back to life with Tulip Dimensional Paints or Fabric Markers. If they’re feeling the holiday spirit, they can decorate their shoes with bright Christmas designs, or make their designs less seasonal if they want to wear their shoes year round. Let them have fun with it for a completely original pair of shoes no one else will be walking around in.

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