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Color Mixing Painting Technique with Fabric Paint

Color Mixing Canvas Art

Here’s a fun piece of art that takes hardly any time to make and will brighten up any room. Steffi Lynn of Have a Nice Day shows you how to create colorful canvas art using her color mixing paint technique that will expand your Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Rainbow Pack from 10 colors to … as many as you can create!

Choose Soft Fabric Paints and a smooth palette

What you need:

For this painting technique, you can use the Soft Paint Rainbow 10 Pack if you want to start with a great selection of primary colors, or you can even use colors you already have! To experiment with color mixing, you’ll need a smooth surface to use as a palette.

Squeeze your paint onto the palette

Step 2

The best part about this painting technique is you just get to play and experiment with mixing different colors to see what you like! Squeeze a little bit of each paint you want to use onto the palette.

Mix the colors to create new shades.

Step 3

Using your brush, start mixing colors to create different shades. Don’t like the color you’ve made? No problem, keep mixing, or wipe the palette clean and try some new options. Nothing’s final yet. Pro tip: Don’t just mix 2 colors, try 3 and test different amounts!

Apply your paint to the canvas

Step 4

Once you’ve found the colors you like, make sure you’ve mixed enough to lay it evenly on your canvas. With a pencil, mark a dot on your canvas where each color will go. (You can measure if you want exact spacing and alignment between color dots!) Then start painting your different colors you’ve mixed onto the markings in whatever order you like.

Let dry and hang your artwork

Step 5

Once the paint is dry, you’ll have a great new piece of art and some new colors you’ll remember how to mix in the future. Wasn’t that an easy color mixing painting technique? What kinds of color mixing art are you inspired to make with Tulip Soft Fabric Paints? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share with us!

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