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Dot Art Easy Painting Tutorial with Dimensional Paint

Dot Art Easy Painting Tutorial with Dimensional Paint

We love the look – and feel – of dimensional designs, which is why we also love our Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints! Dot art can be made with different mediums like paints and pens, and when created with Dimensional Paints, you get the added fun of texture too. LuLuMake will show you how to turn simple canvas shoes into wearable works of art with this dot art easy painting tutorial. Grab your favorite colors and treat your feet some museum-worthy creativity.

Supplies for painting shoes

What you need:

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Pack of choice

- Canvas shoes

- Pencil (optional)

- Paper towels

Before getting started on this easy painting tutorial, make sure your shoes are clean and ready for painting. If you’re going to be painting anywhere near the laces, you can always remove them before you begin working on your shoes. It also helps to stuff them with paper towels or plastic bags to help fill out the shoes and create a stable surface for painting on.

	Practice paint application on paper towels first

Step 1

LuLu’s #1 tip in this easy painting tutorial for making dot art: practice makes perfect! Shake your Dimensional Paints to prep them, then with the cap still on, tap them down on your work surface to move the paint towards the tip. Then remove the caps and practice squeezing dots of paint onto a paper towel to get a feel for the paint flow. Squeezing gently is recommended for dot art design work.

Hold bottle straight up when creating dots

Step 2

Another easy painting tutorial tip: hold the Dimensional Paint bottle straight up versus at an angle for more precision dots, and so you don’t accidentally touch the paint dots with your hand and smear them as you work through your dot art design!

Use a pencil to help mark out your design

Step 3

You can choose any design you like for your dot art! You can create rows of colorful dots, or an actual design like the sun LuLu makes here, or hearts, stars, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable freehand creating your dot art, you can always use a pencil to lightly dot your design onto your shoes first.

Vary sizes of dots for added interest

Step 4

Another great easy painting tutorial tip for dot art: alternate the sizes of your dots! They don’t all have to be the same size; you can vary them for added interest in your design. Either way, remember to leave enough spacing in between dots in case the paint settles a bit after drying. You don’t want the dots to run together!

Lay flat to dry

Step 5

Once you’ve finished your dot art designs, let the shoes dry completely before wearing. You’ll want to make sure you prop them so the paint design lays perfectly flat while drying.

Dot Art Dimensional Paint Shoes

Step 6

Now that you’re finished checking out this easy painting tutorial for dot art, what are you inspired to make with Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share your creations with us!

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