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How To Create Quote Art With Fabric Markers

How to Create Canvas Quote Art with Fabric Markers

We all need a little humor surrounding us to make us smile. It can even be just as simple as a favorite quote. Not often will you find your favorite funny quote already on a canvas ready to buy, but that’s okay. You can create your own using Tulip Chisel Tip Fabric Markers. Make a work of art all your own that shows your creativity all while bringing that oh-so-important smile to your face!

Step 1:

Decide on your favorite quote and trace it onto. piece of paper. Use a craft knife to cut it out to create a stencil.

Trace your favorite quote onto paper.

Step 2:

Carefully cut out traced words to create your stencil for easier creation of your canvas quote art. Place newly created stencil onto canvas.

Cut out traced quote using a craft knife.

Step 3:

Use your fabric markers to fill in stencil openings with as many colors as you desire!

Fill in stencil openings with favorite fabric marker colors.

Step 4:

Remove stencil to reveal your newly created quote art!

Remove stencil to reveal design.

Step 5:

Display for easy and daily inspiration!

Find a place to display for daily inspiration!

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