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How To Make Glow Dimensional Paint Bracelets

How To Make Glow Dimensional Paint Bracelets

All you need is Tulip Dimensional Paint in bold neon glow-in-the-dark colors, some string, and popsicle sticks to make bracelets that stand out during the day and light up the night!

Cover work surface and tape strand of string in place

Step 1

Cut a piece of wax or parchment paper large enough to work on, then cut 3 pieces of floss or string the same length for each dimensional paint bracelet you’re going to make. Tip: first measure your arm or your child’s arm to see how much length of string you’ll need to comfortably fit around your/their wrist. Tape the strands in place on your parchment paper.

Apply Dimensional Paint directly over string

Step 2

Use the Dimensional Paints to create your bracelets! Apply the paint directly onto the string. Here it was started with a thick section of paint along the string to create a base for the bracelets.

 Add dots of color onto base

Step 3

You can add lots of different colored paint dots onto your base.

Try new designs like zigzags and squiggles

Step 4

Or you can get creative with zigzags, squiggles and other designs. Try new things and have fun experimenting!

Let dry once you are happy with your designs

Step 5

Once you are happy with your bracelet designs, let them dry completely. This could take more than a few hours depending on the thickness of your paint and the climate where you live. Once they are dry, simply peel them off of your parchment paper and they’re ready to wear!



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