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How to Splatter Paint with Brush-On Fabric Paint

How To Splatter Paint with Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint

Want an easy way to add more color to your life but hate to stay within the lines? Have fun and splatter paint for a super easy way to create abstract, colorful creations.

Splatter Painting Hand Weights with Brush-On Fabric Paint
Add a little extra color to everything with this easy Splatter Paint technique using Tulip Soft Fabric Paints. Choose your Brush-On Fabric Paint color palette

Step 1:

First, choose your Soft Paint color palette.

Squeeze small amount of paint on palette.

Step 2:

Squeeze some of each paint color into disposable cups or onto a paint palette. If you slightly water them down it will help for easier splattering.

 Scoop up first paint color and throw it down on each item.

Step 3:

Start with your first paint color. Scoop it up with your paintbrush and throw it down over your item to create splatter effects.

Repeat the splatter with each paint color.

Step 4:

Repeat the process with each paint color until you are happy with the design. Let it dry completely, then flip over and repeat on the underside if needed.

Step 5:

Let it completely dry! Maybe you want to try placing a canvas underneath so you can capture all of the paint splatter for a cool art piece as well!

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