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How to Tape Paint Stripes with Brush-On Fabric Paint

How to Tape Paint Stripes with Brush-On Fabric Paint

You can hand paint your own evenly spaced and colorful stripes and designs with Tulip Soft Brush-on Paints - we'll show you just how easy it is!

Tape Painting Stripes with Brush-On Fabric Paint

Upgrade your items and give your unique touch with this easy tape paint technique.

Choose your color palette of brush-on paint

Step 1:

First, choose your color palette - this is probably the most challenging part! We went with vibrant Tulip Soft Paint rainbow colors for this rug.

Gather your project materials

Step 2:

You really only need a few supplies that you probably already have at home, and if you don't, you can pick them up for super cheap. Tulip Soft Paints work on most fabrics.

Use painter's tape and a ruler to mask off stripes

Step 3:

Use painter's tape to mask off your design. To achieve straight lines, using a straight edge like a ruler or yardstick as a guide helps if your design is linear like ours. You could definitely create more geometric designs with your tape or skip the tape altogether and freehand paint your designs!

Paint in stripes with brush-on fabric paint

Step 4:

Once your design is masked off, it's time to start painting! You can pour your paints into plastic cups for easy access, or a paper plate or paint palette if you have one. Brush on as many coats (letting dry in between) until your desired opacity is achieved.

Remove tape

Step 5:

Once your designs have dried, remove the tape.

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