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How to Tie Dye with Fabric Spray Paint

Tulip COLORSHOT How to Tie Dye with Fabric Spray Paint

Wondering how to tie dye in an easier and faster way? Check out this easy step-by-step tie dye tutorial using Tulip® ColorShot Fabric Spray!

What you need

What you need:

Tulip ColorShot Fabric Spray in desired colors

T-shirts (white or in desired colors)

Fold your T-Shirt

Step 1:

Fold your T-Shirt in the desired pattern (we chose the spiral technique). Do not use any binding or bands. Keep spiral loose so the ColorShot spray will have lots of surface area.

press folds

Step 2:

Use a hot iron to press folds into the T-shirt. Carefully turn over the T-shirt and press the back side to hold the pleats in place.


Step 3:

Transfer shirt to covered work surface and spray with desired ColorShot colors. Allow to dry.

repeat the spray

Step 4:

Carefully turn over the shirt and repeat the spray pattern on the back.


Step 5:

Allow the shirt to dry before unfolding.

 Fabric Spray Paint

Now you know how to tie dye with Fabric Spray Paint! Wasn't that easy?

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