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White Scrunchies 4 Pack front of package
White Scrunchies 4 Pack back of package
White Scrunchies 4 Pack contents

Scrunchies White 4 Pack

SKU: 46606
Personalize with Tulip® One-Step Tie Dye and other Tulip® color products!

These white cotton Tulip® Scrunchies are perfect for customizing with tie dye. Personalize with your favorite Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kits® and other Tulip® Color Products to accessorize your looks in bold, vibrant style. Mix & match with tie-dye clothing, loungewear and more for DIY looks in the hottest trend around. Pack includes four 100% cotton, ready-to-tie-dye scrunchies. Make one to match every outfit!

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