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How do you dye fabric in the washing machine?

How do you dye fabric in the washing machine?

The easiest way to dye in a washing machine is to use Tulip Dye Pods in a High Efficiency (HE) washing machine. Dye pods are simply placed into the machine with your fabric and some salt.  Keep in mind dye works best on 100% cotton, linen, ramie and rayon. Run a cycle with hot water, remove dye pod and run a second cycle with fabric to remove excess dye. Run an empty cycle to clean machine and you’re done! Delicate or knit garments may be better suited for hand dyeing techniques. Use the garment special care instructions as an indication if machine dyeing is ideal for your knit item. Proceed with caution, and for best dyeing results never overload the machine. Rubber or plastic parts may become tinted after dyeing, this will not affect your laundry but may be permanent.

What Can Be Dyed in the Washing Machine

  1. Smaller load:underwear, scarves, shrugs & wraps, socks & tights, short or long sleeve T-shirts, button-down shirts & light vests, pillow slips, table runners
  2. Medium load:sweats & denim, skirts, dresses & pants, tablecloths, heavier denim jackets, sweaters, hand towel sets, non-rubber backed mats, smaller sheet sets, heavy robes 
  3. Largest load:large slipcovers, larger sheet sets, duvet covers, bedspreads.
    Large/bulky material: is not ideal for front load washing machines. 

Bulky/long fabric: may need to be manually redistributed mid-cycle in top-loader machines.

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