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10+ Cool Face Paint Ideas for Kids

Cool Face Paint Ideas for Kids Parties

Searching for cool face paint ideas for your little one’s big bash? Check out these colorful party looks that totally rock! Stock up on Tulip Body Art products and get ready to paint your way to the coolest kid party on the block.

What you need:

- Tulip Body Art Kits and paints of choice

- Cosmetic sponges

- Cosmetic brushes for paint application

- Makeup remover

Superstar Face Paint Idea


Perfect for the superstar in the group, this cool face paint idea is oh so easy to create! Use Tulip Body Art kits to paint a star in their favorite color and accent with twinkling designs for a look that’ll have them feeling cosmic.

Shark Face Paint Idea


Sink your teeth into this cool face paint idea! A shark is the perfect design for jaw-dropping fun at your next bash. Paint those chompers around the eye area for a fierce design you can’t look away from.

Superhero Mask

Superhero Mask

Every party could use some extra star power, so this cool face paint idea will save the day! Create a fun superhero look with a whimsical half-mask design for face paint that’ll rescue the kids from an ordinary party and take them straight to an exciting one.

Crocodile Face Paint Idea


Kids can take a bite out of cupcakes with help from another set of sharp teeth! This cool face paint idea is an adorable option for kids who love crocs.

Dragon Face Paint Idea


Spread your wings and fly straight into this cool face paint idea! Dragons are fun for everyone; personalize the design in the kids’ favorite colors before they take off for more games and party treats!

Shimmer Feathers Face Paint Idea

Fancy Feathers

Get fancy with this cool face paint idea! Make feathery, whimsical designs stand out with shimmering accents for a party look that’s radiant with creativity.

Rocket Ship Face Paint Idea

Rocket Ship

Blast off into party-time adventures with this cool face paint idea! A rocket ship is the perfect design for launching the imaginations of aspiring little astronauts into big-time fun.

Skeleton Face Paint Idea


For kiddos who love bone-chilling effects, this cool face paint idea will have them screaming with delight. Make this skeleton look wickedly awesome with extra cracks and creepy teeth!

Ice Princess Face Paint Idea

Ice Princess

This cool face paint idea will be the icing on the cake for the princesses at the party. A whimsical mask with shimmering snowflake accents will have everyone heading for more frosting, snow cones and ice cream!

Triceratops Face Paint Idea


Take your kids’ party back in time – way back – with this cool face paint idea. Get Jurassic with a triceratops design that’s hungry for more cake and ice cream!

Rainbow Face Paint Idea

Rainbow Magic

Follow the rainbow all the way to this cool face paint idea! Bright colors and wispy clouds are the perfect way to party, rain or shine. What cool face paint ideas are you creating with Tulip Body Art Kits? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share with us!

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