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10 New Ways to Tie Dye with Spray-On Color

10 New Ways to Tie Dye with Spray-On Color

By now, if you follow us, you might be pretty familiar with a lot of the classic ways to tie dye. Here at Tulip, we LOVE tie dye. And while dyeing projects is ALWAYS fun in our opinion, sometimes even WE want to change it up and try something different (still with tie dye, of course). So if you're like us and looking for new ways to tie dye your stuff, read on!

Right now we're into using spray-on color like Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and the Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit to tie dye; with sprays, you still get tie-dye vibes, but with different, super cool effects. Check out our video tutorial and this colorful roundup of ideas, and get inspired to experience a whole new way to tie dye! 

What you need:

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color

Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit

- White 100% cotton T-shirt

- Iron (optional)

- Disposable plastic surface cover

Fabric spray paint diagonal pleats

Fabric Spray Paint Diagonal Pleats

This tie-dye effects shirt was created using ColorShot Instant Fabric Color - a permanent, ultra vibrant spray paint for fabric. One of the many cool qualities ColorShot has is that you can blend colors on fabric like you see here. Tip: If you're going for a rainbow of colors on one project, make sure you pair colors next to each other that blend nicely. To get this look, diagonally pleat your dry fabric (it doesn't have to be perfect or even) and press a hot iron along the pleats to help hold everything in place while you spray. Then prep and spray on your paints (matching front and back), following the instructions that come with your ColorShot Fabric Sprays. How easy is that?

Fabric spray paint crumple

Fabric Spray Paint Crumple

Wanna get a little crazy with your tie-dye look? This awesomely abstract crumple pattern couldn't be easier to create with ColorShot! Scrunch a dry T-shirt into one big mound (seriously), and press the crumpled fabric with a hot iron to help define the folds and hold everything in place while you spray. Spray on ColorShot Fabric Sprays in diagonals or any patterns you like, then flip the shirt over and repeat. Bold color in a one-of-a-kind pattern. Yes please!

Rainbow ombre spray dye

Rainbow Ombré Spray Dye

Let's change things up for a sec with Tulip One-Step Spray Dye. How amazing is this rainbow ombre tie-dye pattern? Creating this same look is super easy; mix up the dyes in the included spray bottles (just add water), then spray stripes of color along a damp T-shirt. Repeat on the backside. You can go with this same horizontal stripes pattern, make them vertical or diagonal ... experiment and make it your own!

Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl

Is your brain swirling with tie-dye ideas yet? How about now after seeing this cool fabric spray swirl shirt created with ColorShot? To get this look, lay a dry shirt out flat on your work surface, then pinch it in the center and twist it around into a spiral shape. Press it with a hot iron for those ultra-defined creases, then spray on your favorite ColorShot colors in any pattern you like. Flip over and repeat on the backside, and you have yourself a tie-dye shirt that's radiating color!

Fabric Spray Swirl

Fabric Spray Swirl

Here's a 2-color variation of the shirt above, created in exactly the same way! You know, in case you're not into THAT much color. 

Galaxy tie dye

Galaxy Tie Dye

And last but definitely not least, send your style into orbit with a galaxy tie-dye tee! This tie-dye technique uses bleach on a dark T-shirt before spraying on your One-Step Spray Dyes, then adding a finishing touch with white fabric spray paint. Check out this complete galaxy tie-dye tutorial then get started on having fun experimenting with new ways to tie dye!

Blue Ombré Anchor Tote

Blue Ombré Anchor Tote

This fabulous fabric spray tie dye tote is perfect for bringing on your beach trips! Those cool blue tones will have you feeling those summertime vibes, all of the time. Just spray on the color with Tulip ColorShot Fabric Spray Paint and you’re ready for your road trip! Try adding some extra sparkle with Tulip Fashion Glitter Iron-On Transfer Sheets!

Watermelon Make Up Bag

Watermelon Make Up Bag

If you’re all about fresh tie-dye accessories, you’ll love this watermelon spray tie-dye makeup bag! This sweet ombre tie-dye design is made easy with Tulip ColorShot Fabric Spray Paint—just shake and spray on the color! Once the paint has dried, draw on the seeds with Tulip Permanent Fabric Markers. You won’t be melancholy anymore when you’ve got a bag this cute!

Spray Painted Ombré Shoes

Spray Painted Ombré Shoes

Maybe you can't seem to find the perfect pair of running shoes to match your style, or maybe the pair you just got not all that long ago is already getting dingy. If you want to try ombre tie-dye without all the mess, turn to Tulip ColorShot Fabric Spray Paint! It's amazingly easy to give a pair of kicks a colorful makeover with this fabric spray tie dye technique!

Sunset Mandala Tote

Sunset Mandala Tote

This ombré mandala tote is a summertime staple! It’s got tons of vivid color that looks like a stunning sunset, thanks to Tulip ColorShot Fabric Spray Paint. Once you’re done with this fabric spray tie dye project, channel your creative energy into drawing your own intricate mandala with Tulip Permanent Fabric Markers!

Now that you’ve seen how many different options you have for tie-dye fun, grab your tie dye and give it a whirl! Will you be trying your hand at some new tie-dye ideas? Show us your tie-dye projects and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

And, here are few more pages you might like to learn all about Tulip Colorshot Fabric Spray Paint:

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