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15 Fabric Marker Craft Ideas for Self-Expression

15 Fabric Marker Craft Ideas for Self-Expression

Fabric markers and custom crafts go hand in hand! You can use fabric markers to doodle, draw, and design on everything from shoes to shirts, bags, notebooks, and more! There are endless ways to express yourself when you have your favorite pack of Tulip Fabric Markers. Get inspired with this list of 15 fabric marker craft ideas for self-expression and discover new ways to show off your style!


DIY Denim Upcycle with Fabric Markers

Project 1  DIY Denim Upcycle with Fabric Markers

Why buy new clothes when you can make something you already have new again, and practice self-expression at the same time? We’re loving the personalized fashion trends we’ve been seeing lately; it’s such a fun way to dress up in styles that are totally you! Express yourself with this clothing upcycle idea and customize your denim with hand-painted designs using Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers and Puff Paints.


DIY Coloring Book Pillowcase with Fabric Markers

Project 2 DIY Coloring Book Pillowcase with Fabric Markers

Practice your coloring skills — and your self-expression – with your own DIY coloring book pillowcase! Use Tulip Fabric Markers to fill your pillowcase with hand-drawn designs, then have fun coloring! Kids and adults alike can enjoy this mindful coloring project; it’s a great way to express yourself and burn off some extra energy before bedtime!

DIY Rainbow Floral Dress with Fabric Markers

Project 3 DIY Rainbow Floral Dress with Fabric Markers

Express yourself with a DIY dress! Drawing your own designs is a great way to practice self-expression, and with Tulip Graffiti Fabric Markers you’ll have tons of colors to choose from. This fun floral outfit uses just about every color in the kit!

“Be Brave” Inspirational Quote Art with Fabric Markers)

Project 4 Inspirational Quote Art with Fabric Markers

Tulip Fabric Markers aren’t just for self-expression on fabrics! Express yourself with vibrantly colored custom notebook designs. This quick craft is super easy to make, plus it serves as a motivational reminder for when you need a morale boost! If you’re not too confident with your freehand calligraphy skills, use stencils for extra clean lines.

DIY Dark Floral Tee with Fabric Markers

Project 5 DIY Dark Floral Tee with Fabric Markers

Drawing your own T-shirt design is a great way to express yourself while showing off your artistic prowess! This custom tee uses Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers for its hand-drawn floral designs. These highly pigmented fabric paint markers are perfect for doodling, stenciling, coloring, and writing on dark-colored fabrics!

A ”roar”able Kids’ Tee with Fabric Markers

Project 6 A ”roar”able Kids’ Tee with Fabric Markers

Kids love custom tees, too! Let your little one draw their own dinosaur onto a T-shirt using Tulip Fabric Markers and help them with the letters if needed, then this tee is ready to wear! This kid-friendly craft is a great way to encourage your little ones’ self-expression and creativity. What kid wouldn’t love wearing custom clothes that they designed?

DIY Donut Clutch with Fabric Markers

Project 7 DIY Donut Clutch with Fabric Markers

Donut you think this DIY is sweet? This adorable DIY donut clutch is such a fun and creative way to express yourself! Use Tulip Fabric Markers to draw colorful rainbow sprinkles onto your clutch and enjoy your tasty-looking treat. This self-expression project is perfect for foodies and people with a sweet tooth!

Watercolor Pillowcases with Fabric Markers

Project 8 Watercolor Pillowcases with Fabric Markers

Your home is the ultimate display of self-expression! This fun project is a colorful way to express yourself while refreshing your home décor. Add custom color to your couch or chairs when you use Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers to design a pair of throw pillows!

“DOPE” Graffiti Sneakers with Fabric Markers

Project 9 “DOPE” Graffiti Sneakers with Fabric Markers

These dope sneakers are a great way for artists to practice self-expression in the form of graffiti! Express yourself by tagging your sneakers with your name, favorite phrase, or other cool designs. Tulip Graffiti Bullet-Tip Fabric Markers are perfect for this project; they’ll kick your creativity into high gear with poppin’ color!

Mandala Tote Bag with Fabric Markers

Project 10 Mandala Tote Bag with Fabric Markers

Mandalas are an intricate and beautiful symbol of the universe. With a little patience and practice, you can express yourself with your own unique mandala! Use Tulip Fabric Markers to display your designs on a tote bag and carry a little Zen with you everywhere you go. This peaceful project will help you practice mindfulness and self-expression— drawing the repeating geometric designs is a creative way to unwind!

Personalized Graduation Cap with Fabric Markers

Project 11 Personalized Graduation Cap with Fabric Markers

Customizing a graduation cap is one of the most fun crafts to try when celebrating your milestones! Personalize a keepsake graduation cap and express yourself with colorfully fun quote art using Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers. This easy project is a great way to practice self-expression and stand out at your graduation ceremony!

DIY Geometric Rainbow Pouch with Fabric Markers

Project 12 DIY Geometric Rainbow Pouch with Fabric Markers

This geometric rainbow pouch project is a fun way to practice self-expression! Use masking tape to create abstract geometric shapes, then add vibrant color to this craft with Tulip Fabric Markers. Express yourself and personalize this project with a unique combination of colors and shapes. This colorful pouch is great for stashing art supplies, makeup, and more!

Custom Sunglasses Hat with Fabric Markers

Project 13 Custom Sunglasses Hat with Fabric Markers

Beat the heat with a custom hat! Tulip Fabric Markers can be used to personalize any light-colored hat for a unique statement accessory. We drew some sweet sunglasses for this project, but you can use fabric markers to customize your cap any way you’d like! Tap into your creative side and practice self-expression with one-of-a-kind drawings, patterns, and designs.

DIY Emoji Canvas Shoes with Fabric Markers

Project 14 DIY  Emoji Canvas Shoes with Fabric Markers

Custom emoji shoes are a fun way to express yourself!  Slip-on canvas shoes are great for this self-expression project because they give you a large flat surface to draw on. It’s easy to create your own custom shoes with Tulip Fabric Markers— just draw directly onto the shoes! For this project, we used the kissy face, blushing smile, and heart eyes emoji, but you can use as many of your favorite emojis as you’d like!

“Can I Just Nap Until the Weekend” Calligraphy Art on Canvas with Fabric Markers

Project 15 DIY Calligraphy Art on Canvas with Fabric Markers

Making your own quote art is a great way to practice self-expression! Use Tulip Fabric Markers to show off your calligraphy skills and display your favorite quote on canvas. To easily make your own quote art, outline the quote with a black fabric marker, then fill it in with your desired colors. You can personalize your quote art canvas any way you want! Once you’re done adding custom colors and designs, display and admire your art any time you need a motivational boost!

How will you use Tulip Fabric Markers to express yourself? Show us your one-of-a-kind crafts and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts! For more inspiration on your next self-expression project, check out these helpful links!

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