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DIY Pillowcase Idea For Kids' Sleepover Party

Kids’ DIY Sleepover Party Pillowcase

Keep everyone entertained at the next sleepover party with this ultra-colorful kids’ DIY! Learn how to make personalized pillowcases using Tulip Fabric Markers with this tutorial from Craft Box Girls. Kids will have a blast coloring on their pillows— it’s a great way to get creative and burn off some extra energy before bedtime!

What you need:

Tulip Fine-Tip Rainbow Fabric Markers

White pillowcase


Pencil (optional)

Gather supplies for this kids’ DIY

This sleepover party will be one to remember with this super fun kids’ DIY! Gather the supplies needed for this personalized pillowcase. Prewash and dry the pillowcase for this project and lay flat, then place a piece of cardboard between layers of fabric to prevent the ink from bleeding through.

Use Fabric Markers to draw onto pillowcase

Use a black Fabric Marker to draw and create a personalized pillowcase! Optionally, you can sketch out your designs with a pencil and trace with the Fabric Marker.

Add more drawings to fill the personalized pillowcase

Continue adding more drawings to this personalized pillowcase! We recommend making larger drawings to cover the pillowcase, then filling in the white space with smaller doodles.

Let kids color in the drawings with fabric markers

Once the pillowcase is full of doodles, hand it over to the kids for a super fun sleepover party activity! Give them a pack of Tulip Fabric Markers and let them color in the drawings like a jumbo coloring book. 

Kids’ DIY sleepover pillowcase

This sleepover party pillowcase is finished whenever the kids are done coloring! Machine wash on gentle cycle after 24 hours. Tumble dry low.

Will you and the little ones be making this kids’ DIY at their next sleepover party? Show us all the colorful crafts they make with Tulip and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts! 

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