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5 Mood-Boosting Projects for Art Therapy with Tulip

5 Mood-Boosting Projects for Art Therapy with Tulip

Did you know that creating art is good for your mind, body, and spirit? No, really!

Art therapy encourages creative expression and can help increase self-awareness while decreasing stress and anxiety. So, grab your favorite Tulip products and get inspired with this list of 5 mood-boosting projects!

Feelin’ Lucky Rainbow Canvas Art

This simple art therapy project is the perfect project for people of all ages! Take the small piece of cardboard and use it as a squeegee to spread Tulip Fabric Paints in a wavelike pattern across canvas. It’s so satisfying to paint like this, you’ll be relaxed and feelin’ lucky in no time!

Rainbow Ombre Coloring Craft with Fabric Markers

Coloring and doodling aren’t just for kids—people of all ages can express their creative side with color! This rainbow craft with any fun pencil case is a great art therapy project that will boost your mood. Try making a rainbow gradient like this, or treat it like a coloring book and fill in the designs with your favorite colors!

Y2K-Inspired Holographic Painted Pillow

Get lost in the holographic swirls of this Y2K-inspired painted pillow! Use Tulip Fabric Paints to let your creativity shine and get ready for some serious art therapy. There’s no wrong way to paint these mesmerizing abstract designs! Once you’re done painting, a few coats of Silver Glitter ColorShot Instant Fabric Spray will create that metallic holographic look that you’re nostalgic for!

Dirty Pour Paint Pouring Technique

Aren’t the naturally marbled designs of paint pouring gorgeous? Get some art therapy and a pair of sweet kicks with this colorful project! Tulip Fabric Paints make it super easy to experiment with the dirty pour painting technique. Get as messy as you’d like with this project— there’s art in the chaos!

90s Inspired Neon Tie-Dye Grip Socks

Have you ever tried tie dyeing as art therapy? It’s much more relaxing than you’d think! The process of dyeing and the unique reveal are what makes it so much fun— it’s even better when you’re rewarded with cute and cozy Tulip Crazy Socks! Get some friends together for this art therapy project and get ready to relax!

How else are you using Tulip products for your art therapy projects? Show how you use color to boost your mood and tag us @TulipColorCrafts!

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