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6 Ways to Transform Your Christmas Ornaments with Dimensional Paint

6 Ways to Transform Your Ornaments with Dimensional Paint

Looking for some super cute ways to decorate your ornaments this season that won't break the bank?  Whip up some adorable ornaments in minutes using a craft closet staple – dimensional paint!

There are a lot of possibilities for enhancing your ornaments with dimensional paint. The cool thing about using dimensional paint is that you can wipe it off if you make a mistake, so it's pretty much full-proof.

What you need:

Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint Rainbow 20 Pack

(6) Clear glass or plastic ball ornaments

Wooden dowels

Squiggle Ornament

Add a few lines and squiggles for a super simple ornament.  For this one, from the top, we drew four teal lines and connected them at the bottom of the ornament.  Then in between each line, we added a colorful squiggle. It doesn't get easier than this

Leaf Ornament

For this leaf-inspired design, from the top of your ornament paint 4 1” lines of dimensional paint like the 12-3-6 and 9 hands of a clock.  Take your next color of paint and draw a petal leaf shape all the way around the first line of paint.  Follow that paint color up with another color of paint, then another to make this pretty leaf-like appearance.  You could also slightly modify the shape of this design by making it more scalloped and curved if you wish!

Diamond Ornament

Make this diamond ornament in minutes.  Start off by creating your dots and diamonds in the middle of your ornament. We made seven going all the way around the ornament.  Then we zig-zagged around those diamonds in an alternating color. After you've done that zig-zagged diamonds add another zigzag row to top and bottom. Accent with more dots!

Polka Dot Ornament

This simple ornament is perfect in polka dots! Simply squeeze on the paints in random dot sizes all over your ornament.  If you notice, we chose to make our red dots smaller than the teal dots.  It's up to your preference on colors and positioning, just make sure not to apply too large of dots, or your paint may start dripping down your ornament if too much is applied. 

Snowflake Ornament

These might just be the simplest snowflakes to make ever. Start by squeezing 8 dots in a circular pattern with the paint.  Then connect each dot to its opposite dot!  Easy peasy.

Swirl Ornament

Swirls are so much fun to make and are addicting. They are kinda like creating loopy C's, G's and E lettering!  Change them up by squeezing them clockwise and counter-clockwise, rotating as you go.

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