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80s-Inspired Denim Backpack

Tulip 80s-Inspired Denim Backpack

If you’re searching for a craft project that’s truly, truly outrageous, look no further. This DIY 80’s Inspired Denim Backpack, made by our friend Holly at Club Crafted, is totally rad and fully functional. Whether you’re a kid of the 80s or you’re hoping to make this for a sweet child of your own, this super easy project is one worth showing off. Trust us: you won’t want to put this baby in a corner.

In addition to its obvious style, one of the best things about this project is it’s easy to the max. All you need is a denim backpack and your favorite colors of Tulip Dimensional Paint and you'll be ready to embark on a most excellent creative adventure.

What you need:

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Pack - desired colors

- Denim backpack

Tulip 80s-Inspired Denim Backpack - apply dimensional paint

So “Step One!” as the New Kids on the Block would say: lay your backpack out on flat surface. (Any New Kids fans in the house? Are we aging ourselves here?) If you want to put on an 80s playlist or John Hughes movie while you’re working, it isn’t required but is highly recommended to start channeling those 80s vibes.

Draw abstract and geometric shapes by gently squeezing on the Dimensional Paint directly from the bottles. Feel free to practice on a paper towel or blank piece of paper before committing to the backpack if you’re nervous. Otherwise, take a chill pill and rest assured these 80s-inspired designs are super easy to create. Paint triangles, circles, squiggles, and zigzags in an assortment of bright colors. Don’t be afraid to overlap, either! Start with the flap of the backpack first, then when you’re satisfied with how that looks, move on to the rest of the backpack.

Tulip 80s-Inspired Denim Backpack - apply dimensional paint

After the flap is dry and set (if your bag has a flap), fold it upwards and continue using Dimensional Paint to create designs on the rest of the front and sides of your backpack. When finished decorating, let your awesome artwork dry completely.

Tulip 80s-Inspired Denim Backpack

Tulip 80s-Inspired Denim Backpack

Once completely dry, load up your new backpack and geek out for a moment over how fresh, fly, and funky this DIY project turned out to be. Cool beans, dude!


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