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‘90s Nostalgia DIY with Puff Paint: Rainbow Leopard Print Décor

‘90s Nostalgia DIY with Puff Paint: Rainbow Leopard Print Décor

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you probably remember those bold, vibrant colors and designs that were on everything from trapper keepers to stickers, stationery, and more! Channel your nostalgia for the ‘90s and recreate this iconic rainbow leopard print with Puff Paint to make one-of-a-kind ‘90s nostalgia décor for your home. This tutorial from Oh Yay Studio will show you how to use Puff Paint to create a rainbow leopard print clock and mirror that captures the essence of the ‘90s!

Supplies Needed:

Tulip Puff Paint Rainbow & Neon 20 Pack

COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints




Protective surface cover or drop cloth

Painter’s tape



Step 1 Prepare clock for painting

Prepare clock for painting

We’re making two pieces of ‘90s nostalgia décor for this colorful project! Start by preparing your clock for painting and disassemble the clock. Use a pencil to trace the face of the clock onto a thick piece of cardstock and cut with scissors. Mark your sections to paint for each number on the clock. For this project, Oh Yay Studio painted each hour section a different color with Puff Paint!

Step 2 Use Puff Paint to create rainbow leopard print

Apply Puff Paint to create rainbow leopard

Begin painting your rainbow leopard print sections with Puff Paint! To make the leopard spot shape, pick your first color and apply even pressure to paint a small blob. Outline each shape first, then fill in with Puff Paint. Repeat throughout the whole hour section with the same color.

Step 3 Outline with black Puff Paint

Outline with black Puff Paint 

When you’re finished painting your rainbow leopard print colors for each section, use black Puff Paint to outline the spots. This part doesn’t have to be perfect— it will come together as a unique rainbow leopard print once you’re all done! Repeat this process to fill your clock face with colorful ’90s style.

 Step 4 Dry and display!

Rainbow leopard print clock with Puff Paint

Step 5 Prepare mirror for painting

Prepare mirror for painting

Now it’s time to make a second stunning piece of ‘90s nostalgia décor: a rainbow leopard print mirror! Cover the mirrored surface with a protective surface cover and painter’s tape. Remember to work in a well-ventilated area and protect any surrounding areas from overspray with a drop cloth or other protective surface cover. Use COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paints to add vibrant color to your mirror frame and allow to dry completely before proceeding.

Step 6 Use Puff Paint to create leopard spots

Use Puff Paint to create leopard spots

Use black Puff Paint to create leopard spots for your rainbow leopard print mirror! Start on one corner and paint your way through the frame. We recommend painting your spots in 3 distinct patterns: an asymmetrical “C” shape, long and skinny blobs, and clusters of 3 or more small blobs. Start by outlining the shape, then fill with Puff Paint.

 Step 7 Let dry and remove tape

Rainbow leopard print mirror with Puff Paint

Once you’ve painted all your rainbow leopard print spots, allow the Puff Paint to dry completely before removing the painter’s tape and protective surface cover.

 Step 8 Display your ‘90s décor!

Rainbow leopard print mirror and clock with Puff Paint

 Your custom ‘90s nostalgia décor is ready to display! This rainbow leopard print décor duo makes the perfect statement piece for ‘90s kids who love vibrant colors and bold designs.

Get your ‘90s nostalgia fix with Puff Paint! Show us how you DIY with Puff Paint and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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