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Brighten Your Day with these 9 Rainbow Colored Projects

DIY Rainbow Phone Cases

Feeling a little blue? Change the hue with these rainbow colored projects! Here are 9 DIYs featuring Tulip products that will part the clouds, lift your spirits, and brighten your day!

What you need:

-Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit of choice with rainbow colors  

Tulip Fabric Markers

Tulip Puff Paints

-Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paints 

Rainbow Marker Case
With Tulip Fabric Markers you can keep your rainbow colored markers close and your cheerful disposition even closer. Try out this cool ombre pattern, or create any other joy-sparking design. When you’re all done, store away those markers in your case and take your great day to go!
Rainbow Painted Rope Baskets
Decorative rope baskets have so many mood-boosting functions. For starters, they’re adorable. Second, they’re awesome for organizing clutter, which is oh-so-soothing for your mind. Third, they make cozy little “pots” for all those oxygen-pumping houseplants you can’t stop buying! To brighten up your day and your home decor, use Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paints and follow along with this fun DIY craft!
Rainbow Painted Rug
Some days it feels like life keeps pulling the rug out from under you. While we don’t always have control over those moments, we can control the cute-factor of our rugs with this easy DIY project. You can choose traditional rainbow colored Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paints as demonstrated, or you can create a palette all your own!
Rainbow Papel Picado T-shirt
Transform the phrase “look good, feel good” into a fashion fiesta with this DIY papel picado T-shirt. All it takes is a plain white tee, Tulip Fabric Paint Markers, and a willingness to become the life of the party once you wear it. Buen día!
Rainbow Sprinkles Shoes
Tell those bad days to get to steppin’ with these rainbow colored sprinkle shoes. Grab some white canvas kicks, a Tulip Crafter's Storage Tub Kit, and paint your way to a delicious-looking treat for your feet!
Rainbow 3D Paint Phone Cases
Feeling a little disconnected? Allow us to make a case for cases! Tulip Puff Paints in bright rainbow colors make it so fun to create these textured DIY Phone Cases. Whether you select a graphic drawing, a dotted design, or a meandering mandala, you’ll go from huffy to puffy in a matter of minutes!
Rainbow Quote Art Canvas
There’s nothing like a motivating message to shift your mindset and alter your energy. With a rainbow colored DIY quote art canvas, you can put any inspirational words on all-day display. Just be sure to use Tulip Chisel Tip Fabric Markers so your heartfelt art is on point!
Rainbow Tie-Dye Stripes T-shirt
Tulip Tie-Dye Kits are a great way to get all wrapped up in the joy of creativity. Try rainbow stripes, spirals, and sunbursts on shorts, shirts, and sweaters, or feel free to take your tie-dyeing in whatever delightful direction you choose!
Rainbow Fabric Spray T-shirt
For another rainbow colored craft, try this tie-dye T-shirt variation using Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color. No water or rubber bands necessary! Turns out scrunching up a shirt might be the quickest way to smooth out your day.

If you’re feeling chipper and cheerful after trying these rainbow-colored projects, make sure to tag @tulipcolorcrafts and tell us all about it!

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