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Cool Mom DIY Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Cool Mom DIY Tie-Dye T-Shirt

This craft isn’t just for regular moms— it’s for cool moms! Let the parents at the playground know who’s boss with this DIY tie-dye tee. This tutorial from Norx In The Know will show you how to use Tulip Wildflowers Dimensional Fabric Paint to create a beautifully bold statement shirt. Then use Tulip Mystery Tie-Dye Poppers for an extra burst of colorful fun! You’ll look so stylish in this trendy tie-dye look!

What you need:

-       Tulip Wildflowers Dimensional Fabric Paint

-       Tulip Mystery Tie-Dye Poppers

-       White or light-colored shirt

-       Precision craft knife or cutting machine

-       Permanent vinyl sheet or paper

-       Paintbrush

-       Cardboard

Prep your shirt and stencil
Before you get started on this DIY tie-dye tee, you’ll want to paint on your statement. Wash and dry the shirt that you will use, then measure it to see what size you want your stencil to be. Cut out the letters from a sheet of vinyl or paper by using a precision craft knife or cutting machine, leaving the negative space.
Tape the stencil to fabric.
Transfer the stenciled design to your garment by laying your paper pattern and taping in place, or use transfer tape to transfer your design from your cutting machine. Press it down to make sure it sticks well!
Apply Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint to the fabric
Place a piece of cardboard between the two layers of the sweatshirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through. Then choose the colors you want to use and start painting! Apply Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint directly from the bottle and use a paintbrush as needed to fill the stencil. Applying paint directly from the bottle will result in unique textured letters!
Remove the stencil and allow to dry completely
Gently remove the stencil while the paint is still semi-wet, being careful not to smudge any of the paint. Allow the paint to dry for at least 72 hours before proceeding—you don’t want the paint to bleed and smudge when you tie dye!
Use Mystery Tie-Dye Poppers for added color

Now it’s time to tie dye with the Mystery Poppers! Dampen your custom shirt with water, then lay it flat on a protected work surface. The more wet the garment, the more the dye will spread and blend throughout the fabric! Place your desired number of Poppers throughout the shirt, then whack the Poppers with the included mallet and watch the secret dye colors burst! Spritz your project with water after exploding Poppers to increase color blending. Discard the Popper shells and wash and dry according to package instructions. Your DIY tie-dye shirt is now ready to wear!

What kind of DIY tie-dye looks will you create? The possibilities are endless with Tulip Mystery Tie-Dye Poppers! Tag us in your colorful creations @TulipColorCrafts!

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