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Custom Holiday Ornaments with Dimensional Paint

Custom Holiday Ornaments

Trim your tree with an extra personal touch! Artist Steffi Lynn will show you how to make your own custom holiday ornaments using simple clear bulbs and Tulip Glitter Dimensional Paints. Make a whole set for your tree, or as custom gifts for friends and family!

What you need:

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints – Glitter or desired colors

- Clear ornaments

- Pencil and paper

- Paper towels

- Pattern (optional)

Custom ornament supplies


Before getting started, make sure your ornaments are clean and free from dust and prints. You can also prep your paints by shaking and squeezing onto a paper towel to practice.

Sketch or print pattern

First, you’ll want to decide what designs you want to create on your ornaments! It can be fun holiday words, names or fun patterns. You can sketch them out onto a piece of paper to help guide you, or print out a premade pattern.

Create designs on ornaments

When you’re ready to apply Dimensional Paint on your ornaments, you can place your pattern underneath to use as a guide for tracing (if your ornaments are clear and you can see through them). If you mess up, don’t stress! The Dimensional Paints will easily wipe away with a damp paper towel before they dry.

Custom Dimensional Paint Holiday Ornaments

Once you’re happy with your designs, let the paint dry completely before hanging on your tree. Custom holiday ornaments are a great way to commemorate special Christmas celebrations like baby’s first Christmas, first Christmases together, anniversaries and so much more! What are you crafting with Tulip Dimensional Paints this holiday season? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share with us!

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