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Customize Your Shoes with Glitter Paint

Glitter Paint Custom Shoes

Step into summer style with some serious sparkle action. Crafterward shows you how easy it is to customize your shoes with Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paint! Get inspired to give new life to shoes you already have with this permanent, easy-to-use paint that stands out with glittery dimensional effects.

What you need:

- Tulip Dazzling Glitter Gold Dimensional Fabric Paint

- Tulip Dazzling Glitter Silver Dimensional Fabric Paint


- Tulip Gold Glitter

- Tulip Silver Glitter


- Pencil

- Star shape (or desired shape for shoes)

Make sure star shape is sized to fit shoes

You only need a few supplies to make a superstar set of shoes! Make sure your star cutout (or desired shape) is sized to fit the sides of your shoes before getting started.

Trace star shape onto shoes

Use your pencil to lightly trace the star shape on both sides of each shoe. If your shoes are a darker fabric, you can use a chalk pencil instead so you can see the outline.

Fill in star shapes with paint

Fill in star shapes with desired colors of Dazzling Glitter Paint, covering the outlines as well.

Paint backs of shoes

Use a different color of paint to decorate the backs of your shoes as shown or as desired. Let dry completely.

Custom Glitter Shoes

Once your shoes are dry, they’re ready to sparkle and shine on any and every adventure!

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