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DIY Baby Shower Activity: Design Personalized Onesies with Fabric Paint

DIY Baby Shower Activity: Design Personalized Onesies with Fabric Paint

Looking for a fun activity for your next baby shower? Bring Tulip art supplies to the party and let your guests make unique gifts for the baby! This DIY baby shower activity curated by @ProperPrettier allows guests to design personalized onesies with Tulip Fabric Paints. Check out our blog and get inspired to create your own baby shower crafts with Tulip!

Supplies Needed:

Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint

Tulip Puff Paint

Tulip Fabric Markers

100% cotton onesies




Paint palettes

Small easels



Step 1 Prepare your DIY baby shower activity

Prepare the DIY baby shower activity

Prewash and dry the baby onesies to remove sizing. Insert cardboard between layers of fabric to prevent fabric paint from seeping through. For this DIY baby shower activity, @ProperPrettier supplied each station with a onesie on a small easel, a paint palette, and an apron for each guest.

 Step 2 Select your art supplies

Tulip art supplies for DIY baby shower activities

Tulip offers a wide variety of art supplies that are nontoxic, permanent on fabric, and easy to use for all skill levels! Try using Puff Paints, Brush-On Fabric Paints, and Fabric Markers for your personalized onesies. You can also provide a color mixing chart that guests can reference to create their own colors!

Step 3 Create!

 Create personalized onesies with Tulip

Once you’ve finished setting up, your DIY baby shower activity is ready! Let your guests tap into their creative side and make personalized onesies for the baby. If desired, a pencil can be used to outline the designs.

Use Tulip Fabric Markers for lettering and drawing on personalized onesies

Tulip Fabric Markers are great for lettering and drawing intricate designs on your personalized onesies! Our Fabric Markers come in fine tip, brush tip, and bullet tip.

 Use Brush-On Fabric Paint for painted designs on personalized onesies

Brush-On Fabric Paints are great for filling a large area with color! You can also use it with stamps or stencils to create unique designs.

Use Puff Paint to add dimensional texture to personalized onesies

Puff Paint gives your personalized onesies a fun, dimensional texture! Try using Puff Paint to outline your hand-painted designs.

 Step 4 Let dry

Allow painted personalized onesies to dry completely

Once you’ve finished designing your personalized onesies, allow the paint to dry completely. These custom onesies are a thoughtful and practical gift for expecting parents!

What other DIY baby shower activities will you plan with Tulip? Show us your custom baby shower crafts and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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