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DIY Easter Craft: Pastel Tie-Dye Easter Baskets

DIY Easter Craft: Pastel Tie-Dye Easter Baskets

Easter is almost here, and we’ve got a colorful craft to help you celebrate! This tutorial from Craft Box Girls will show you how to customize your kids’ Easter baskets with Puff Paints and soft pastel tie-dye colors from the Tulip Pastel Party Tie-Dye Kit. This simple DIY Easter craft is a great way to upcycle and refresh and old Easter basket— kids will love receiving a colorful, personalized basket full of treats on Easter Sunday!

What you need:

Tulip Pastel Party Tie-Dye Kit

Tulip Puff Paints

Easter basket liner

Plastic wrap or plastic bag

Wire rack (optional)

Prewash basket liner and prepare work area for tie dye

Step 1 Prewash Basket Liner and Prepare Work Area for Tie Dye

Before you get started on this DIY Easter craft, cover your work area with a protective surface cover and prewash your Easter basket liner. Prepare your pastel tie-dye according to package instructions.

Fold and bind your Easter basket liner

Step 2 Fold and Bind your Easter Basket Liner

Place the Easter basket liner onto a wire rack above your protective surface cover. Fold and bind the liner using your desired tie-dye technique. For this DIY Easter craft, Craft Box Girls used the simple crumple technique.

Apply pastel tie dye to Easter basket liner

Step 3 Apply Pastel Tie Dye to Easter Basket Liner

Apply desired colors of pastel tie-dye to your Easter basket liner. Use gloved hands to work the dye into the fabric as needed.

Wrap basket liner in plastic and allow to set

Step 4 Wrap Basket Liner in Plastic and Allow to Set

Once you’ve finished applying the pastel tie-dye, wrap the Easter basket liner in plastic wrap or place it in a sealed plastic bag. Allow the dyes to set for 6 to 8 hours or overnight for more intense color.

Place the dyed basket liner into basket

Step 5 Rinse, Wash and Dry then Place Liner in Basket

Once the pastel tie dye has set, rinse, wash in cool water with a little laundry detergent, and dry your Easter basket liner. Place the liner back into the Easter basket and tie as needed.

DIY Easter Craft: Pastel Tie-Dye Easter Baskets

Step 6 Use Puff Paints to Customize Baskets with Names

Use Puff Paints to customize this DIY Easter craft with your kids’ names and puffy accent patterns! Allow the paints to dry completely, then fill the pastel tie-dye Easter basket with treats. Now you’re ready for an unforgettable Easter Sunday!

What other DIY Easter crafts will you create with pastel tie dye? Show us your colorful springtime projects and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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