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DIY Leopard Print Swimsuit with Fabric Markers

DIY Leopard Print Swimsuit with Fabric Markers

Okay, can it just be summer already? We’re so in the mood for sunshine and poolside fun! We might have to wait a bit longer, but we’ll be ready with the cutest swimsuit around when the temps are up and it’s time to cool down. Annie Papi will show you how incredibly easy it is to create your own leopard print pattern on a swimsuit with Tulip Fabric Paint Markers. So grab your own set and get ready to make a splash – animal style – this summer in your very own creative designs!

What you need:

Tulip Fabric Paint Markers

- Swimsuit of choice

Choose a swimsuit in any color you like

Tulip Fabric Paint Markers work on both light and dark fabrics, so choose a swimsuit in any color you like for this project. Annie went with white because she really wanted her suit to pop with her leopard print pattern.

You don’t need perfect shapes for leopard print!

The great thing about a leopard print design is that you don’t have to create perfect shapes and patterns. They’re all freeform, so there’s really no messing up! Annie started with a base of gold for hers, but you can create your animal print in any colors you feel fab in.

Create base shapes on swimsuit

Begin by creating your base shapes on your swimsuit in whatever sizes you like. You can evenly space them apart or place them where ever you want! Keep your designs abstract and a little jagged – don’t stress about making them perfectly round!

Outline base shapes with a darker color

Annie recommends creating your leopard print base shapes first before starting on the outlines, so you make sure you’re happy with their placement. Next outline your leopard base shapes with a darker color. You can completely outline them, or only partially, or mix them up with both ways! Again, keep your outlines loose and don’t worry about creating perfect shapes.

Let designs dry; wait 72 hours to wash

Let your designs dry completely. Tulip Fabric Paint Markers are permanent and washable, but we recommend waiting at least 72 hours before washing or getting your swimsuit wet to allow the inks to permanently set in the fabric.

DIY Leopard Print Swimsuit with Fabric Markers
Who’s ready to show off their cute DIY leopard swimsuit this summer?! What else are you inspired to make with Tulip Fabric Paint Markers? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share with us! 
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