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DIY Monstera Leaf Marker Jeans

Picture of DIY Monstera Leaf Marker Jeans

I live in denim most of the time, but sometimes you just have to mix it up! I grabbed a pair of old white jeans and gave them a tropical makeover with a monstera leaf stencil and Tulip Fabric Markers cascading down the side of the pants. In 10 minutes, I completely refreshed a pair of pants, making me much more excited to incorporate them back into my wardrobe this spring! 

What you need:

     Tulip Fabric Markers (light and dark green)

     Denim pants

     Monstera leaf stencil (sticky stencil recommended)

Step 1: Fold the pants so that the side seam is facing flat up.

Step 2: Press the stencil along the seam at an angle.

Step 3: Outline the stencil with a light green Tulip Fabric Marker, then remove it and fill in the pattern entirely. 

DIY Monstera Leaf Marker Jeans

Step 4: Replace the stencil at a different angle, overlapping the light green pattern slightly.

Step 5: Outline the stencil with a dark green Tulip Fabric Marker and remove the stencil.

Repeat all the way down the leg of the pants. 

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