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DIY Neon Bracelets

DIY Neon Bracelets

Want to make sure you and your besties stay in style all summer? Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint makes it easy to create wearable, colorful crafts. Make fun mix-and-match friendship bracelets and necklaces. Even though you and your crew won’t see each other for a couple of months, you’ll all have a little piece of each other.

What you need:

-Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint in neon colors

-Candy Mold

-Cotton thread

-Paper towels

  1. Shake paint well before using and do a couple of practice squeezes onto a paper towel.
  2. Squeeze paint into candy mold.
  3. Carefully press thread onto paint. Let dry for 72 hours.
  4. Peel from mold and wear!

A project like this is great for a send-off to summer party! Have the friends over one last time before you part ways. If you aren’t fans of wearing bracelets, tie them to your backpacks, make hair accessories or turn them into cool keychains.

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