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DIY Splatter Paint Weights

Picture of DIY Splatter Paint Weights

If you've been looking for something to get pumped about, you've come to the right place! We're talking literally AND figuratively here. Liven up your workout routine with a little extra color that'll help your mood to stay motivated go a long way; and before you hop online to search high and low for a fancy set of weights, step away from opening a new browser and stay right here to finish reading this post. Because we'll show you that all you need are Tulip Soft Fabric Paints in your favorite shades and a paintbrush you probably already have in a drawer somewhere to create a set of weights that are as artistic as they are useful.

What you need:

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint - desired colors

- Neoprene weights

- Paintbrush

- Disposable plastic cups

- Plastic surface cover

DIY Splatter Paint Weights
First choose a Soft Paint color palette that makes you want to pump some iron. Or just one that you think is pretty.
DIY Splatter Paint Weights
Squeeze some of each paint color into disposable cups or onto a paint palette (or paper plate - whatever you have at home). You might want to slightly water them down for easier splattering - test first on scrap paper or your protective plastic cover.
DIY Splatter Paint Weights
Throw down your first paint color. Literally. Scoop it up with your paintbrush and throw it down over each weight to create splatter effects.
DIY Splatter Paint Weights
Repeat the process with each paint color until you are happy with how the weights look. Let them dry completely, then flip over and repeat on the underside if needed.
DIY Splatter Paint Weights
Is it just us, or is the splattered area around the weights just as cool as the weights?! Maybe you want to try placing a canvas underneath so you can capture all of the paint splatter for a cool art piece as well!
DIY Splatter Paint Weights
Get pumped! Your weights are ready for action! If you work out with friends or family, they make a great personalized fitness-themed gift as well.
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