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DIY Ultimate Glow Costume

Picture of DIY Ultimate Glow Costume

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to stand out from the crowd this Halloween. Is your costume going to be scarier, is it going to be cuter, is it going to be more creative than everyone else? All of these questions are running through your head as you try to figure out how you are going to have an eye-catching costume.

Then the light bulb in your mind turns on, well maybe off in this case, glow in the dark! That’s where we come in! Here are a few glow in the dark looks we came up with that you can wear as separate pieces, or all as one costume. Have fun!

DIY Ultimate Glow Costume

What you need:

Here’s what you’ll need:

Glow Skeleton Tank

            -Tulip Colorshot Instant FabricColor Glow Spray

            -Black Tank

            -Skeleton Stencil (cut out from iron-on paper)

            -Tape (to keep everything in place)


Glow Stitch Leggings

            -Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint (Glow in the Dark!)

            -Black Leggings

Glow Skeleton Shoes

            -Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers (white)

            -Tulip Soft Glow Paint

            -Small Paint Brush

First we have the glow in the dark skeleton tank, which is sure to GRAB some attention. This tank is super easy to create with TulipColorshot Instant Fabric Color Glow Spray. Create your stencil, which totally doesn’t have to be skeleton hands; a skeleton rib cage would look pretty awesome and creepy too! Iron on and tape the stencil to the shirt so it stays in place. Then grab Tulip Colorshot Instant Fabric Color Glow Spray, get to spraying and boo! You’re done!
Next are the glow stitch leggings. These will probably go down as the easiest Halloween costume you’ve ever made, honestly! This project will take you 5-10 minutes, but still look great! Lay your leggings down and then grab your Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint and get to stitching! Just let dry and you’re ready for a night of fright!
DIY Ultimate Glow Costume
The final piece of this outfit is the glow skeleton heels! Get ready to strut because these look amazing once they are done! Start off by using a white Tulip Opaque Fabric Marker for the outline of the skeleton. Then fill in using Tulip Soft Glow Fabric Paint. At this point, you’re pretty much a dead girl walking, but you look amazing!
DIY Ultimate Glow Costume
Put all of these together for a glow look everyone will love! You can also add a store-bought tutu for some more flare! Just spray it with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and you’re good to go!
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