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Doodle Notebook Shirt DIY with Tulip Fabric Markers

Picture of Doodle Notebook Shirt DIY with Tulip Fabric Markers

Let’s be honest, back-to-school shopping can get tough when your kids can’t find anything that lets their personality shine through. So why not let them create their own back to school looks? Tulip Fabric Markers makes it easy for them to design and create the shirts they want to rock at school. Let them show off their creativity!

What you need:

-Tulip Dual Tip Fabric Markers
-Blank white shirt (can actually be any color if you want)
-Stencils (optional)

The kids can fill their shirts with their favorite colors and doodles and really set themselves apart from the crowd. Not only is this project full of fun and creativity, but it’s super easy for your kids to do themselves! No hot glue, no sharp scissors, no worries.  Just Tulip Fabric Markers!

Don’t just stop at shirts, your kids can complete their back-to-school look with their backpacks! They’ll be they coolest kids in school with looks all their own!

Here’s another fun idea, field trip t-shirts! The next time your kids are heading to the museum, grab some t-shirts, Tulip Fabric Markers and create fun shirts they can wear with their friends! Perfect for pictures and a great memory of the trip they took!

Doodle Notebook Shirt DIY with Tulip Fabric Markers
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