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Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Spooky, chic, or seriously cute – whatever your preferred style, we have some easy DIY Halloween decorations to help get you into the spirit of the season. All of these project ideas require only a few supplies so you can save on spend, get creative and give your home some frighteningly fabulous décor this season.

Glow paint pumpkins

You can’t have Halloween without cool pumpkins! Real or faux, pumpkins make versatile, easy DIY Halloween decorations; you can carve them, paint them or cover them in glitter! We’re obsessed with all things glow in the dark for Halloween, so this roundup of 5 glow painted pumpkins should help get you inspired for your decorating adventures this season.

Halloween BOO Pillows

Up the creep factor on your sofa while getting cozy with a good horror flick. These spooky pillows make great DIY Halloween decorations and are easy to make with stencils and ColorShot Instant Fabric Color. Spray away, then get ready hug these pillows tight when the scary scenes are on!

Halloween Movie Quote Doormat

Visitors beware! Enter if you dare! This easy DIY Halloween decoration is the perfect way to greet visitors on your front porch. Turn an ordinary doormat into a spooktacular display featuring your favorite scary movie quote, an eerie scene and more with ColorShot Outdoor Upholstery Spray. See how easy it is in this tutorial!

Glow-in-the-Dark Goblets

We mentioned we’re obsessed with easy DIY Halloween decorations that glow in the dark, right? These goblets decorated with Tulip Glow Dimensional Paint are perfect for serving your most flavorful Fright Night concoctions. Pour in the witches’ brew and toast to your terrifyingly good taste.

Easy DIY Halloween Wreaths

For those who love easy DIY Halloween decorations that are cute instead of creepy, these wreaths should do the trick! See how easy it is to make your own with colorful fabrics, embroidery hoops and Tulip Dimensional Paints. Get ready for a happy – not so haunted – Halloween!

Glow Firefly Jars

Step 6:

In case you didn’t believe us in the other two examples, we LOVE stuff that glows! Turn a plain set of mason jars into seriously easy DIY Halloween decorations with dots of Glow Paint. These Glow Firefly Jars can be used for storing treats, candles, or creating a cool Halloween display.

Bone Chilling Skeleton Lamp

We’re not sure what’s scarier, being in the dark or being in the light with this bone-chilling Skeleton Lamp! Give your lampshade a quick makeover with ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and some cobwebs for an easy DIY Halloween decoration that’ll have your family screaming every time they turn ON the lights instead of OFF!

Witchy Painted Pumpkins

Your collection of easy DIY Halloween decorations wouldn’t be complete without something witchy brewing. Turn a pumpkin into a spellbindingly creative display with Puff Paints and a pointy hat – perfect for enchanting trick-or-treaters or your own little crew of boys & ghouls! Looking for even more painted pumpkin ideas? Check out this post (no carving tools needed)!

We hope this post has you inspired to turn your home into a happily haunted house this Halloween! PS. don’t forget to tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts to share your spooky DIY creations with us.

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