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Easy Hand-Painted Holiday Mugs for Family Gatherings or DIY Gift Ideas

Hand-painted holiday mugs with Tulip Mug Painting Kit

Give the gift of creativity this holiday season! The Tulip Painted By Me Mug Painting Kit is a creative way to make memories at family gatherings this holiday season— and it makes a great gift idea for craft enthusiasts, too! Get inspired to create your own holiday mugs with this tutorial from Craft Box Girls. This easy-to-use kit has everything you need to personalize your mugs with festive, hand-painted designs!

Supplies Needed:

Tulip Painted By Me Mug Painting Kit 4 Pack

Warm water or glass cleaner

Paper towels

Paper plate or palette

Protective surface cover


Prepare the Mugs

Prepare ceramic mugs for painting

Clean and dry the ceramic mugs to ensure they are free of dust and debris. Cover your work area with a protective surface cover for easy cleanup.

This kit includes enough supplies for 4 hand-painted mugs, so try bringing this mug painting kit to your next family gathering for a creative and colorful activity!

Let it Snow Mug

Hand-painted “Let it Snow” mug

Our first holiday mug design has a classic winter mantra! Stir the paint pots and apply black paint to write “Let it Snow” on the front of your mug. For even more festive detail, use the included metallic paints to add sparkling stars and snowflakes to this hand-painted mug.

Make a mistake or want to change your design? Use a paper towel with warm water or glass cleaner to erase the painted designs.

Snowman Mug

Hand-painted snowman mug

This next holiday mug features a simple snowman design! Mix the red and yellow paints on a paper plate or palette to create an orange color. Paint on your snowman’s carrot nose, then use the black paint to give the snowman its eyes and mouth.

Christmas Lights Mug

Hand-painted Christmas lights mug

This next hand-painted holiday mug is full of colorful Christmas lights! Paint the lightbulbs in a variety of colors across the mug. Remember to clean your paintbrush with water when switching between paints to avoid muddying colors! Once you’ve finished painting the colorful lightbulbs, use black paint to string the lights together.

Holly Mug

Hand-painted holly mug

Our final holiday mug features a holly jolly design! Create a dark green shade on a paper plate or palette by mixing green paint with a small amount of black paint. Paint a few pairs of holly leaves onto the mug, then paint a few single leaves. Use the red paint to dot on clusters of holly berries. Accent your holly leaves with gold paint for an extra festive touch!

Final Steps: Bake and enjoy!

Once you’re finished painting your holiday mugs, place them into cool non-preheated oven and bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and allow the mugs to cool before handling. The paint becomes microwave, dishwasher, and food safe after baking. Once baked, these custom holiday mugs are ready to use, or can be given to loved ones as a thoughtful homemade gift idea!

Bring this colorful craft kit to your next family gathering to share the fun! Hand-painted mugs are a great gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. Show us the colorful designs you make with the Tulip Painted By Me Mug Painting Kit and tag us on social media @TulipColorCrafts!

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