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Fabric Paint Faux Embroidery Painting Tutorial

Faux Embroidery with Fabric Paint

You don’t need to master the art of embroidery to make embroidery-inspired art! Put away the needle and thread and pick up a paintbrush, because in this painting tutorial, Delineate Your Dwelling will show you how to use Tulip Fabric Paints to make colorful art without so much as a stitch.

What you need:

- Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Pack – Wilderness or pack of choice

- Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint – black

- Embroidery hoops – desired size

- Embroidery cloth

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Paintbrushes

- Paint palette

- Optional embellishments: raffia, wood beads, wide popsicle sticks, hot glue

Choose color palette and designs

This painting tutorial gives you an alternative way to create embroidery-inspired art, without the needle and thread! First decide on your color palette and the designs you’d like to paint.

Trace embroidery hoops on cloth

Use a pencil to lightly trace your embroidery hoops on the embroidery cloth so you know the amount of space you are working with for each design.

Sketch designs within circles

Next sketch your designs within each circle. You can go with similar sun, moon and water motifs like Delineate Your Dwelling, or come up with your own creative designs!

Begin painting designs

Once you’re happy with your sketched designs, it’s time for the next part of this faux embroidery painting tutorial! Paint in the designs with one or two coats of Soft Fabric Paint in your selected colors.

Add dots for stars

Little dots make perfect stars if you’re creating a similar moon and stars motif as shown here!

Create some dashed linework for embroidery effect

Faux embroidery painting tutorial tip: Don’t forget to create some “dashed” linework within your art to emulate embroidery stitches.

Use Dimensional Paint to create “stitched” appearance

Once you’ve painted all of your designs with Soft Fabric Paint, this is the part of the painting tutorial where you really get to create that embroidery look! Use your black Dimensional Fabric Paint to create dashed outlines and/or accents to represent stitches within your painted designs. Let dry completely before trimming the cloth and securing each painting in its embroidery hoop.

Create bundles of raffia to accent frame

This is an optional part of our faux embroidery painting tutorial, but it’s definitely fun if you want to keep the creativity going! Delineate Your Dwelling decided to accent her hoop frames with different natural embellishments like raffia, wood beads and popsicle sticks. For the raffia, create bundles about 8” long and secure each in the middle with a knot.

Glue bundles to back of hoop

Next fold each bundle in half and hot glue around the backside of the hoop. Continue around the entire frame.

Cut off ends of popsicle sticks

If you’re working with popsicle sticks to accent your hoop, cut off the ends of each stick to your desired size.

Glue end pieces around frame

As with the raffia, glue each popsicle stick end piece around the backside of the frame.

Glue wood beads around frame

You can also glue wood beads around your hoop frame to work in another natural element with interesting texture!

Faux Embroidery Art with Fabric Paint

We love how this faux embroidery art turned out, don’t you?! No sewing needed! Are you feeling inspired by this painting tutorial? What faux embroidery designs would you paint with Tulip Fabric Paints? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share your creations with us!

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