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Friendly Snowman Snow Globe

Friendly Snowman Snow Globe

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! It’s easier than you think to create your own adorable festive snowman snow globe! Recycle a standard baby food jar into a holiday work of art using Tulip® glitter and fabric paints plus a little imagination. In the end, you’ll have a holiday keepsake to treasure year after year.

Friendly Snowman Snow Globe



1. Peel off label from baby food jar, clean jar and thoroughly dry.

2. Glue two googly eyes to front of jar with Original Tacky Glue.

3. Use small paintbrush to paint 2-3 coats Pearl Orange Soft paint into a small carrot-shaped nose centered under googly eyes.

4. Add Orange glitter to carrot nose after last coat of orange paint. Let dry.

5. Create snowman mouth with black dots using Black dimensional paint. Let dry.

6. Trace the baby food jar lid UPSIDE DOWN onto black cardstock. Then draw another circle ½” wide around the traced lid circle.

7. Cut out circle very carefully with craft knife as inner circle will be used later for top of hat. The ½” wide circle will be brim of hat and should sit on top of the lid rim if cut out precisely.

8. Cut out a 1½”-2” wide strip (make it extra long so you can cut to size later).

9. Before gluing hat together, fill up the jar with water and one bottle of Crystal Gold Ultra glitter. Securely close and seal the lid onto jar.

10. Create the hat on sealed lid to make sure your leaf and berries end up in the right place – on the front right side of snowman’s face.

11. Wrap the strip around the lid and make sure about half an inch overlaps for gluing. Cut off remainder of strip.

12. Apply glue around the lid and attach strip. Hold in place until glue starts to set. Add more glue to overlapping piece.

13. Apply a small amount of glue around the top of hat and carefully set the circle piece on top.  Lightly press and hold in place for 30 seconds.

14. Once glue is dry and hat is sturdy, decorate it by wrapping 3/8” red ribbon around hat. Glue ribbon in place.

15. Cut out a green leaf from a piece of green fleece and glue to front of hat.

16. Glue three red pompoms in front of the leaf. Let dry.


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