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Happy Christmas Window Clings

Happy Christmas Window Clings

Colorful, festive and fun, this Christmas craft for kids is always a hit! Use Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint to have the kids create their favorite holiday designs, then stick to the windows for adorable decorations everyone will love.

  1. Place pattern inside clear plastic storage bag.
  2. Gently press down on bag to remove as much air as possible and zip bag closed.
  3. Remove cap and tap 3D paint on paper towel to remove any air bubbles and try a few practice squeezes on paper towel.
  4. Outline your first color for your desired cling then fill in.
  5. Repeat with other colors until entire design is filled in. Note: Make sure all colors are touching so that one piece is created when dry. Let dry completely.
  6. Once dry, peel clings from bag and place on window.
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