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How to Paint Shirts with Fabric Spray Paint and Stencils

How to spray paint shirts

Is anyone else ready for sweater weather? We’re in a fall state of mind here at Tulip, so we’re all about this cute custom quote art tee! In this tutorial, Club Crafted shows you how to paint shirts with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and stencils; it’s so easy to create your own fabulous fall fashion! Get out your ColorShot and your pumpkin spice latte and get ready to get colorfully cozy.

What you need:

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color – fall colors of choice

Tulip ColorShot Fall Stencil Pack (available at Jo-Ann Stores)

- Paper towels

- Painters tape

- Scissors

- Disposable plastic surface cover

- Freezer paper or shirt form

Prep work surface and wash and dry shirt

Before spray painting your shirt, first wash and dry it without fabric softener. Cover your work surface with a disposable plastic surface cover. (Make sure you’re working in the well-ventilated area.)

Tape stencils in place on shirt

Insert a shirt form or piece of freezer paper in between the layers of your shirt to prevent any fabric spray paint from soaking through to the back side. Choose which stencils you’d like to use from your ColorShot Fall Stencil Pack and place on your shirt. Tape down around the edges to hold in place, and cover the surrounding areas with paper towels to protect from any accidental overspray. Tip from Club Crafted: If using multiple stencils close to one another, you can trim the edges of the stencils so they can be easily layered.

Spray ColorShot over stencil openings

Prep your cans of ColorShot according to instructions, then spray light coats over the stencil openings instead of heavy coats. ColorShot can be blended on fabric to mix colors or create a nice ombre effect! Let dry between color applications.

Remove stencils and let dry

Once you’re happy with your paint coverage, remove the tape and stencils and let the fabric spray paint dry completely.

How to paint shirts with fabric spray paint

Wasn’t it easy to learn how to paint shirts with ColorShot Fabric Spray Paint and ColorShot Stencils?!

How to paint shirts with fabric spray paint

Come on cold weather! How will you be getting ready for fall with ColorShot? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and let us know!

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