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How to Tie Dye Shoes in a Galaxy Pattern

How to Tie Dye Shoes in a Galaxy Pattern

Create the coolest pair of shoes in the universe without having to step out of your front door! Natalie from Doodlecraft shows you how to tie dye shoes in a colorfully fun galaxy pattern using Tulip One-Step Tie Dye. This DIY galaxy shoes tutorial is the easiest way to walk among the stars, so grab your tie dye and get ready to give your kicks a cosmic makeover.

What you need:

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit of choice, plus Black (if not included in kit)

- Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint in White

- White canvas shoes

- Stiff paintbrush or old toothbrush

- Disposable plastic surface cover

- Plastic grocery bags

Dye shoes with One-Step Tie Dye and let set

First cover your work surface with a disposable plastic surface cover to protect it from any potential dye spills. Remove the shoelaces and dampen each shoe. Mix your chosen One-Step Tie-Dye colors from your kit (as well as the black dye) according to instructions, then squeeze your dyes directly from the bottles randomly over each shoe. There is no special technique here; just experiment and have fun with it! Once you have added your colors onto each shoe, squeeze random splotches of black dye over the colors, allowing the dyes to blend and move. Place each shoe in a plastic grocery bag to keep damp and allow to process for the recommended time in your kit instructions.

DIY galaxy shoes with Tulip Tie Dye

After the dye fully sets, rinse your shoes until the water runoff is clear, then wash and dry separately from other laundry. Working on a covered surface, dip your stuff brush or an old toothbrush into your white fabric paint and splatter over each shoe to your liking. Tip: It might be a little messy, but using your finger to help flick the brush bristles creates smaller paint splatters for cool star effects. After your DIY galaxy shoes completely dry, you are ready to re-lace them and launch your style into a cosmically cool new orbit. For the complete tutorial from Doodlecrafts on how to tie dye shoes for this awesome galaxy look, you can check out her post here.

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