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How To Tie Dye Throw Pillows

How To Tie Dye Throw Pillows

It’s getting to be that time of year again where the weather starts cooling, and comfort and coziness are on our minds. One of the easiest ways to make your favorite spaces instantly more cozy is with throw pillows! Take the tie-dye trend from your loungewear to your lounge spaces with this tie-dye throw pillow tutorial from Mikyla Creates. Mix & match your favorite Tulip Fabric Dyes, then kick up your feet and relax in total tie-dye style.

What you need:

Tulip Hot Water Fabric Dyes (desired colors) 

- Natural fiber pillow covers (100% cotton, rayon, canvas, etc.)

- Rubber bands or zip ties 

- Mixing spoon

- Salt

- Measuring spoons

- Large pots or metal/glass bowls

- Sealable plastic bags

Tie-dye throw pillows supplies

Before starting your tie-dye pillows project, make sure you’ve washed your pillow covers (without fabric softener) and get that water boiling for mixing up your dye. Follow the instructions on your dye packet to mix your dyes.

Prep Tulip Fabric Dyes according to desired method

There are several ways you can prep and use Tulip Fabric Dyes to tie dye your fabrics. Follow the instructions on the packet to use whatever method that works best for you. Mikyla chose to use big metal bowls with boiling water for her tie-dye pillow covers.

Choose tie-dye techniques for your pillow covers

Before adding your pillow covers to the dye bath, you’ll want to fold and bind them using your favorite tie-dye techniques! Mikyla opted for the folding tie-dye technique, the bullseye technique and an ombre tie-dye technique. Follow along to check out each of these techniques, or prep your pillow covers using any other tie-dye technique you like.

Accordion fold pillow cover

For the folding tie-dye technique, lay your pillow cover out flat on your work surface, then accordion fold from one side to the other. You can fold into as wide or narrow of sections as you like. Then accordion fold again from end to end so you end up with a folded square.

Dip each side in dye bath

Dip each side of your folded square into the dye bath, leaving the center without dye. Place in a sealable plastic bag and allow the dye to set for desired amount of time. To create a pastel look, Mikyla rinsed her pillow covers after 20 minutes, but you can allow the dye to set longer (up to 8 hours) for deeper colors.

Pull pillow cover into a tube shape

For the bullseye tie-dye technique on your pillow cover, start in the center of your pillow and pull the entire cover into a tube shape.

Secure cover with rubber bands

Tightly secure your pillow cover with as many rubber bands as you like.

Dip each end into different dye colors

Since this bullseye tie-dye pattern uses two colors, one for the center and one on the outer edges, dip the center portion into the first dye color. You can leave it soaking with the outer edges resting on the outside of the bowl for as long as you would like. The longer the cover sets, the darker the dye will be. Repeat with dipping the bottom part of the cover (outer edges of your pillow cover) into the other color of dye. Allow your tie-dye project to set for up to 8 hours in a plastic bag before rinsing and washing.

Roll pillow cover into a tube

For the ombre tie-dye look, Mikyla first rolled her pillow cover into a tube, like a sushi roll!

Dip one side in one dye color and the other side in another color

Since this pillow cover also used two dye colors, first dip one end as far as you like into one color. Allow it to soak for several minutes up to several hours, depending on how dark you want your dye shade to be. Repeat on the other end of the pillow cover. You can do a half-and-half pattern, or more of one color on one side – have fun with it; it’s your project!

Rinse, wash and dry dyed pillow covers

Once you’re happy with your tie-dye pillow covers, cut off any rubber bands used, then rinse, wash and dry your covers (separately from other laundry).

Tulip tie-dye pillow covers

Once your tie-dye pillow covers are dry, it’s time to place them on your pillow forms! Aren’t they fun? Comfy, colorful and so cute!

Tie-Dye Throw Pillows supplies

We’re betting everyone in the fam will love snuggling up with your fab new tie-dye pillows!

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