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Ideas for Working and Learning from Home

Ideas for Working and Learning from Home

Make learning and working remotely a little bit easier and a lot more inspiring with Tulip Color Products! From getting organized to getting back to lesson plans, we have some ideas to get you started. Not only can you use Tulip Products to help set up your spaces for success, but your kid can use them for school projects too! Read on to see how you can put your own creative spin on your work from home space.

What you need:

Tulip Dimensional Paints

Tulip Brush-On Paints

Tulip Fabric Markers

- Notebooks, binders, pouches and other school supplies

- Baskets, corkboard, desk supplies

Painted Rainbow Rope Baskets

An organized workspace is so helpful for keeping us focused and on track. Less clutter means less distraction! Upgrade a set of ordinary baskets with Tulip Brush-On Paints in bright colors that inspire creative thinking while keeping your supplies neatly tucked away.

Motivational Quote Art Corkboard

We’re big fans of quote art because it helps motivate us on those days where we need a little extra boost. A corkboard that doubles as quote art is perfect for your work from home space because you can tack on notes, to-do lists, photos and more. Such a great way to stay inspired AND organized – with a little help from Tulip Brush-On Paints!

Custom Fabric Marker Notebook

Notebooks are helpful for people of all ages, whether we’re working from home or attending school. Kids can customize book covers to keep textbooks intact or decorate their notebooks for a way to add color and personality to their school notes. Use Tulip Fabric Markers for a quick and easy way to decorate book covers – with no heat setting needed! Tulip Fabric Markers are kid-friendly and also great for school projects like presentation boards, art projects and so much more.

Dimensional Paint Quote Art Binder

Binders come in handy for keeping schoolwork organized. Make last year’s binders new again (or decorate a new one) with inspirational quotes to get your student feeling motivated for the new school year, and to help keep them going when schoolwork gets challenging. Use Tulip Dimensional Paints to make your quote stand out!

Dimensional Paint Laptop ClingsIf binders and notebooks aren’t your thing (and even if they are), you can always add personality to your laptop as well! The great thing about Dimensional Paint Clings is that they’ll stick onto your laptop, but not permanently so you can change them out any time you like. Just make sure to create them and let them dry BEFORE sticking them onto your computer. Get creative with your favorite designs, and don’t forget to get your kiddos in on the action too! For a quick & easy tutorial on how to make clings, check out this post.

Fabric Marker Pencil Pouch

Help your student keep their pencils, pens and markers organized in a pouch they can decorate themselves with Tulip Fabric Markers! Whether they’re working from home, the classroom or off to a classmate’s house for a project or study session, they’ll have their supplies ready to put to work.

Step 7

It’s important to remember to take breaks throughout your work day, even when you’re working from home. Or maybe you just prefer to work in a comfy spot sometimes! Set up a cozy space for breaks or working comfortably with soothing pastels and décor that doesn’t stress you out while you’re sending emails or having virtual meetings. See how you can show off your creative skills during video chats with this DIY wall hanging that also makes a fab background. Want a matching set of throw pillows? We’ve got you covered with this tutorial!

Dimensional Paint Vases

The easiest way to spruce up your work from home space is by adding flowers and plants! For twice the mood boost, decorate a set of jars or vases with Dimensional Paints in your favorite designs. It’ll add extra color and a special creative touch to your work day.

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