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Marker Tips: Find the Right One for Your Next Project

Tulip Fabric Marker Tips

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what kind of Tulip Fabric Marker to choose for your next project, this post will help! Not all marker tips are meant for the same thing; some are better for coloring versus drawing, or making bold lines versus fine details. Learn about the different types of Tulip Fabric Markers and what marker tip is best for your next project in this quick-reference post. You’re about to become a marker-tip expert!

Tulip Bullet-Tip Fabric Markers

BULLET-TIP FABRIC MARKERS: Bullet-tip markers are probably the most commonly used for a variety of projects. Rounded with a firm, defined nib (as the marker tip is officially called), bullet tips are ideal for drawing, outlining designs and writing on fabric. Creating thicker, yet precise lines is much easier with a bullet-tip marker due to the nib’s inflexible and pointed tip.

Tulip Brush-Tip Fabric Markers

BRUSH-TIP FABRIC MARKERS: Brush-tip markers feature an elongated, flexible nib that’s meant to be used by holding the marker more horizontal to your project that straight up and down, like you would for writing and drawing with a bullet-tip marker. Because of the long, flexible nib of a brush tip, you’ll want to use brush-tip markers for creating broad strokes of color. They’re ideal for larger projects requiring broader color coverage, coloring in designs and when working with stencils.

Tulip Dual-Tip Fabric Markers

DUAL-TIP FABRIC MARKERS: If your project has different color needs, a dual-tip marker might be ideal for you! Featuring a brush tip on one end and an extra-fine tip on the other end, this is the ultimate multitasking Fabric Marker! As mentioned previously, brush tips are great for creating bold strokes of color and coloring in designs; the extra-fine tip on the other end of this marker is perfect for creating extremely detailed designs and fine accents.

Tulip Fine-Tip Fabric Markers

FINE-TIP FABRIC MARKERS: Like bullet-tip markers, fine-tip markers are another commonly used type of marker for a variety of projects. The firm, rounded nib is similar to a bullet tip but smaller, making fine-tip fabric markers ideal for writing, doodling and creating detailed designs. (But remember, if you’re looking to create super-fine details, make sure to grab one of our Dual-Tip Fabric Markers with an extra-fine tip on one end!)

Tulip Fabric Marker Variety Pack

MIXED TIPS: “Okay Tulip,” you might be thinking, “but I need a set of Fabric Markers with a variety of tips for my project.” Don’t worry, we have those too! Our Variety Pack of black Fabric Markers features 5 different kinds of tips: brush tip, jumbo chisel tip, fine tip, extra-fine tip, and chisel tip. We’ve already covered some of the tips above, so here we’ll focus on chisel-tip markers. Chisel-tip markers in general are ideal for calligraphy style writing, making bold strokes of color and color saturation. The jumbo chisel tip is – you guessed it – great for very large designs like poster signs or coloring in large areas with big, bold strokes. The regular sized chisel-tip marker does the same thing, just on a smaller scale!

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